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January 2018  

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Keep security in mind on your spring break/summer vacation.

Kansas City

April 18-20th, 2018
  • For more information about any of the upcoming trips, contact Betty Calley.
    Phone: (918) 227-8254 Email: bcalley@ahb-ok.com
  • More trips will be added soon.
Ireland – July 2019

Be sure and mark your calendars for a meeting on Ireland. We are looking at adding England and Scotland to the adventure. There may be options for those that would only like to tour Ireland. These are questions that can be asked that afternoon. Feel free to bring guests.

Join us in the American Room at American Heritage Bank on Wednesday, March 21st at 4:00 p.m. for the presentation.

Please RSVP to Betty Calley at bcalley@ahb-ok.com or 918.227.8254 by March 15th.
3 Biggest Tax Mistakes
Get it right and claim your maximum deduction
Along with a large number of Americans, you probably rush with in the time between receiving forms from employers in January to Tax Day in April to wade through the tax code and figure out how much you owe the Internal Revenue Service or, hopefully, how much it owes you.

8 Fuel Efficient Crossovers
Get the best of practicality from these eight fuel efficient crossovers
Crossovers have become increasingly popular in the car market, with new models coming out across the board. The following models deliver exceptional fuel efficiency.

Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt
Getting your credit card down to a zero balance is possible if you know how to go about it
Paying off your debt is imperative for helping boost your credit score, freeing up money for things you need or for saving and providing much-needed financial peace of mind. All too often, however, paying off debt feels like an uphill battle. With a few steadying principles and approaches, you can get over the hump and arrive at the peak of financial freedom.

Types of Business Taxes
Savvy suggestions for deciphering tax terminology
Filing your income tax each year might be relatively simple, but staying up to date on your business’ taxes is more complicated. To prepare for these expenses, you should discover the individual taxes that you can expect to pay for your business.

Chill Out in Santa Monica, California
Escape to this sunny piece of the Golden State
Winter is settling in across the United States, and if you live in one of the northern states, you are probably thinking about taking a vacation somewhere warm. While you could spend your …

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