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August 2017  

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Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Strategy
A marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business
Many small business owners will roll the marketing strategy of their business into the overall business plan. However, it’s important for the success of your business to have a clearly defined marketing strategy.

Small Business Owners - When to Consider a Loan
Finding the right timing for a small business loan
Determining exactly when you should apply for a small business loan can be tricky—particularly for startups without prior experience running a business.

Charleston, South Carolina

Join us for a five-day trip to Charleston, South Carolina!

Payment Service Options You Should Consider
The technology age has given rise to a variety of payment options for businesses
Today, many small businesses are turning to digital payment systems to simplify and regulate their process of collecting payments.

How Your Business can Make the Most out of the Relationship with Your Financial Institution
Having a strong, positive relationship with your banker is about more than just the potential access to money
Whether you go with a larger institution or a small community institution, what matters most is the relationship you develop with it.

Route 66 Road Trip: Albuquerque to Tulsa
Where to stop for fun along the middle portion of historic Route 66
Historic Route 66, which runs from Los Angeles to Chicago, was once known as the “Main Street of America.” Though it is no longer the major artery it once was, the highway still provides motorists …

Vehicle Details: Less Popular Vehicles That May Be Perfect For You
The perfect vehicle may be the one you didn’t expect
There are many vehicles that just sell themselves, but their high volume doesn’t mean they’re what you need or seek. If you want to drive something a little different from the pack, here are a few …

4 Ways to Protect Your Skin from Sunburn
Prevent sunburn with these skin care tips
Worshipping the sun can come at a painful price, but staying indoors all day is unhealthy, too. If you practice sun smarts, it is possible to enjoy fun-in-the-sun and protect your skin from sunburn …

The Most Accurate Movies Based on True Events
These motion pictures favor portraying reality, rather than fiction
When writers, directors and producers really do their history homework, they can often create historical pieces that accurately portray events from the past. If you want a story that is actually …

Level Up Your Burger Game with These Unique Toppings
Make your cookout memorable by thinking outside of the bun
While conventional logic holds that your burger is accompanied by ketchup, mustard, onion, lettuce, tomato and pickle, there is great possibility for boldness in burger-making by selecting more …

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