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July 2014
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Omaha Gives! The Stories Behind the Stories
As the Participation Sponsor for the recent Omaha Gives effort, American National Bank had an opportunity to help further the efforts of 30 charitable organizations.  We contributed $70,000 that was distributed to the top ten winners in each of the three size categories, with prizes ranging from $10,000 to $1,000.  You may view the full list of winners by clicking here.
Are You Prepared for Retirement

We can help you to determine if you are on the right track in establishing retirement independence.  Our Financial Advisors will provide a FREE retirement consultation.  Save now for financial independence later!  Come visit us to get more information or you can click here for our retirement savings and planning calculators.

Understanding the Mortgage Interest Deduction
Can you save with the mortgage interest deduction?

Photo: Understanding the Mortgage Interest Deduction
Itemizing your tax deduction instead of going with the standard deduction can be more work, but it can also lead to a larger deduction. If you have decided to itemize next tax season, you may be curious about the mortgage interest deduction. The following information can help you understand what a mortgage interest deduction is and how it can help you at tax time.

Why Business and Personal Finances Donít Mix
Benefits of keeping your personal and business finances separate

Photo: Why Business and Personal Finances Donít Mix
If youíre a business owner, then you know how hard it can be to keep work from invading your home life. Doing paperwork at the dinner table or heading into the office on a Sunday may be unavoidable from time to time, but there is one aspect of your business that you should never mix with your personal life: your finances.

Your Local Financial Institution is Your Small Businessís Best Bet
Donít pay the high price that comes from seeking loan alternatives outside your local financial institution

Photo: Your Local Financial Institution is Your Small Businessís Best Bet
Some entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to finance a startup donít want to bother with a financial institution loan because they think the process will be too difficult or they think they can find a better deal online. Unfortunately, many scams prey off the type of innocence that new business owners have.

Our Employees at Pilger

Our employees had the opportunity to volunteer their time at Pilger, Nebraska where twin tornadoes devastated the town.

An Exclusive Banking Division for the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Banking Division of American National Bank is expanding to provide additional resources to keep in step with the changing needs of the industry.  This industry-specific group will cater to the financial needs of healthcare providers and businesses.

Street of Dreams is Coming!

The Street of Dreams is vastly approaching!  This year, the Street of Dreams will be located in the South Hamptons at 238th and Q from July 19 – August 3 and features six phenomenally beautiful homes!  You can walk through each home to see some beautiful craftsmanship, landscaping and get some great ideas for your own home, or have something to look forward to owning some day!

Top Three New Car Values
How much you pay is as important as what you buy

Photo: Top Three New Car Values
Buying a car is always an important and tedious decision. When you do your research to find out which cars have the features you really want, itís just as important to find out which cars are really good values in their segment, too.

Easy Green Habits You Can Adopt Today
Nine quick changes to benefit the environment

Living a life that is friendly to the environment doesn't necessarily mean making sweeping changes in all areas of your life. Buying an electric car, installing solar panels on your home or living off the grid can be too costly for some and too extreme for others. A few small changes to your everyday life can reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference in the world around you.

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