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July 2016
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Sitting Down to Take a Stand - Priceless

Use your American National Bank MasterCard when paying for a meal and MasterCardģ will make a …

Should You Rent or Buy a Home When Downsizing?
Factors to consider when deciding what to do

Consider this scenario: You are recent retirees with an empty nest and a five-bedroom home that now seems like a waste of space and money. The simple solution is to downsize, but should you rent or buy a new, smaller and more economical …

Tracking and Cutting Down on Your Grocery Bill
Simple tips can help you save big

There are many bills you canít easily control, but your food bill isnít one of them. Here are a few ways to help track and cut costs.

5 Business Credit Card Advantages
Donít rely on personal credit and miss out on these benefits

There are many reasons business owners that may be tempted to stick with their personal credit card for business expenses. Forgoing a business credit card can mean missing out on many potential advantages, however. Here are five benefits of…

Setting Up a Business Credit File
The first step to managing your businessís credit

Starting a new business is an exciting prospect and a constant learning experience, forcing you to rapidly tackle new challenges and master new skills. One of these new skills is managing your businessís credit, and the first step is to set…

How Sweating Benefits Your Body
Donít forget a towel to wipe down!

We all know that exercising has many great benefits for your body and overall heath, but how many people realize that just the simple act of sweating can also improve your well-being? Sweating can do everything from cleaning your pores to expelling toxins, as well as regulating your body temperature and helping to prevent kidney stones.

5 Books to Enjoy on Your Beach Vacation
Dive into these books this summer while youíre having fun in the sun

Beach vacations are a time to relax and enjoy life, while taking in the sun and the sea. Itís because of the beachís relaxing atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to enjoy a good book this summer.

Get Rid of Your Dark Circles With These Surprising Natural Remedies
Ways to banish dark circles without resorting to chemicals

For many Americans, dark circles are an unfortunate way of life. Many suffer from them because of genetics and find that very little has any effect on those huge bags under their eyes.

Natural Remedies to Relieve Sunburn
Soothe a sunburn with these holistic remedies

Summer is a time of fun in the sun, but sometimes this fun can have negative consequences.

Which Brands Lease the Most?
A unique look at leasing

Everyone has an opinion on whether you should buy or lease your next vehicle. Leasing a vehicle gives you a new ride every 24Ė48 months, with controllable payments, but only financing allows you to truly own your vehicle after all is said and done.

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