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3 Board Games Based on Movies
Play through your favorite movies with your family — no television required!

We’re in a golden age of board gaming right now, as dozens of new titles are hitting shelves every week. Among these releases are cardboard adaptations of your favorite movies and television shows, letting you recreate the most memorable scenes right on your dining room table.

We’re not talking about those boring licensed games with tacked-on themes like the millions of Monopoly® editions or Clue® reskins. These excellent board games immerse you in the film’s story, capturing the feeling of the movie you love and letting you play through its narrative as if you’re part of it. These three games in particular do an excellent job of adapting their source material into tabletop adventures you can experience with your family.

Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures

If you grew up watching the original “Toy Story” movies as a child and now have your own children who enjoy the fourth installment released in 2019, you’ll love playing Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures as a family. Each of you selects your favorite “Toy Story” character — like Woody, Buzz, or Bo Peep — and must work cooperatively to win the game, using strategy and communication to decide which cards to play when to complete your mission.

Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures is a multi-part campaign that starts with the plot of the first movie. Once you successfully work as a team to overcome the starting-level challenge presented to you, you’ll progress to “Toy Story 2” and unlock more characters, resources, and dangers. Each sequential chapter in the game lets you open a sealed box that adds more content and difficulty. If you like the idea of this type of game but want a different theme, Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures shares a lot of similarities with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, another cooperative card game in which you play through a multi-story campaign (divided into the individual books in the series).

Ghostbusters: The Board Game

1980s nostalgia is huge right now, and that passion has spilled into the board game market. Everyone’s favorite ‘80s movies are being revived as gigantic, expensive games involving hundreds of miniature figurines and novel-length rulebooks. If you want a cool-looking game that is simple enough to play as a family, Ghostbusters: The Board Game is who you’re gonna call. It contains dozens of vividly colored, translucent figurines that look fantastic when they’re spread across the board, but the rules aren’t complicated, so you won’t become frustrated with memorizing how to play the game.

You and your fellow Ghostbusters (each portraying one of the main characters of the 1984 film) must work together to capture spooks on the loose and send them back to the Spirit World. Move around the streets of New York, rolling dice to lasso them with your proton pack before they overrun the city. The more times you play, the more experience your character earns and the more abilities you unlock — you’ll then need to take down the gargantuan Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Home Alone Game

You won’t find a lot of good Christmas-themed board games on the market, but this 2018 title is definitely one you’ll want to play every December — and gift to your movie-loving friends. This quick, tense card game pits two players against each other. One player takes on the role of Kevin McCallister, who must use his deck of trap cards to prevent the other player — controlling the Wet Bandits — from entering his house and stealing valuable loot hidden inside. It’s a straightforward game of utilizing your limited resources to slyly bluff and manipulate your opponent to impede their progress — and it’s rewarding when your trickery pays off. What makes this holiday game extra festive is the adorable artwork that resembles the knit fabric of a Christmas sweater.

Modern board games are loads of fun and offer immersive storytelling, creative thinking and thrilling surprises. Pick up a couple and spend more time together as a family around the table.


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