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Arundel Federal Savings Bank
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Retirement and Promotions
Who is retired and who got promoted?

Amy Beall, Mary Lou Beck, Tammy TeetsAs we say goodbye to one person, we say hello to familiar faces with new job titles.

We say farewell to Mary Lou Beck, IRA Specialist.  Mary Lou started with Arundel Federal in 1974.  She took a small break in 83’ from working with Arundel Federal and returned in 1996.  She started as a Teller and worked her way up to a Customer Service Representative (CSR), where she discovered her increased interest in IRAs.  From CSR, Mary Lou was promoted to Assistant Manager and finally to an IRA Specialist.  We all wish her well on her next adventure. 

Who is our new IRA Specialist?  Amy Beall, who was previously the Branch Manager at our Severna Park location.  Amy has worked at four out of our six locations, from Teller to Manager since 2007.  We welcome her as our new IRA Specialist and know she will do an excellent job.

With the promotion of Amy Beall, this leaves an empty spot for a Branch Manager.  The Glen Burnie Branch Manager was transferred to Severna Park and now we have a new Branch Manager for our Glen Burnie location, Tammy Teets.  Tammy is not new to Glen Burnie; she was previously the Assistant Manager.  This is a seamless transition for her as she is already familiar with the staff and customers.  We congratulate Tammy on her promotion and know she will be a great leader! 

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