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4 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Science
Make learning fun

Thanks to their natural curiosity, many kids already have the makings of scientists. However, once they start studying science in school, learning about the world around them may start to feel less exciting and more like homework. If this is the case for your child, try out the following ways to pique their interest in science again.

Explore the great outdoors

Kids can learn about science everywhere, including in their own backyards. Spend some time with them outside and note how animals interact with their surroundings. Teach them about the different types of weather, seasons, and clouds. To broaden their horizons, head to a park or take a walk through nature. There, your child has the chance to see an array of plants and animals, which they can later attempt to identify using a search engine.

If you don’t already have a microscope, affordable magnifying glasses and pocket microscopes are worth purchasing. These will make it easier to view insects in your yard and check out plants up close. Looking through a telescope is also a fantastic way to understand more about space and make it more exciting.

Turn your home into a lab

While you may not have access to all the same resources as your child’s school, plenty of science experiments are still well within your reach at home. Simply search for at-home experiments online and learn how to do anything from building a miniature volcano to extracting DNA from food.

Consider purchasing different science kits as well, each of which comes with the materials necessary to perform experiments. A good idea is to purchase kits for chemistry, astronomy, and every other discipline possible to discover what your child is most interested in learning about.

Keep them entertained

When you’re busy and don’t have time for hands-on learning, put on a video that’s both entertaining and educational for them to watch. Lots of movies use real science, even though they often mix it with pseudoscience. After each film, ask your child to guess which aspects of it are actually possible and which are fictional, based on what they know about science so far.

YouTube also has its fair share of videos staring scientists and educators, so it’s easy to find one suitable for your child’s interests and age. If your child enjoys video games more than science, buy a game that incorporates scientific principles into it. And if your child is an avid reader, subscribe to a science magazine specifically geared toward kids.

Find an educational facility

On a free weekend, consider taking your kid to a natural history museum. This is one of the best ways to teach them about geology, ecology, paleontology, and more. Science centers also provide fun, interactive ways for your kid to learn.

In addition, if you’re looking to send your kid to a camp during the summer, check out different science-themed ones. Your child will discover more about the world while away and socialize with other kids.

Although there is no perfect solution to get kids interested in science, each of these methods is worth trying out to ensure learning continues to occur beyond the classroom.

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