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6 Books to Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride
Experience these thought-provoking and inspirational stories for Pride Month

If you’re putting together your summer reading list, Pride Month is the perfect time to check out the vast and varied world of LGBTQ+ literature. Here’s a look at six informative, moving books that celebrate the diversity of gender and sexuality.

“The Stonewall Reader”

While the Stonewall uprising took place over 50 years ago, its aftershocks are still felt today. In “The Stonewall Reader,” edited by Jason Baumann and the New York Public Library, you can travel back to that watershed moment in history and read firsthand accounts surrounding the event. The editors compiled everything from diary entries to newspaper clippings that covered the times before, during, and after the happenings of June 28, 1969.

“Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag”

Pride Month is an excellent opportunity to teach the little ones in your life about diversity. In this picture book by Rob Sanders and Steven Salerno, young readers are taken on a journey that explores the origins of the iconic rainbow flag and its creators, designer Gilbert Baker and gay rights activist Harvey Milk. Intended for ages 5-8, this storybook is an inspiring tale of equality, hope, and love.

“Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More”

Janet Mock’s award-winning autobiography explores her experience growing up as transgender and multiracial in an impoverished part of Honolulu, Hawaii. While Mock has faced multiple forms of discrimination throughout her life, her memoir is an inspirational story of self-realization and finding one’s true identity. So whether you’re looking for a courageous role model or simply interested in learning about her lived experience, check out “Redefining Realness” for fresh perspectives and a tale of triumph.


In this compelling nonfiction title, acclaimed sociologist Arlene Stein introduces us to four young transgender men, all of who have traveled to a surgeon’s office in Florida for gender affirmation surgery. Stein follows their journeys for a whole year, documenting their thoughts on identity, gender, and acceptance. She supplements her coverage of their stories with interviews with experts and the featured men’s friends, family, and healthcare providers.

“Sister Outsider”

Looking for hard-hitting, thought-provoking essays and speeches? Check out “Sister Outsider,” by award-winning Black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde. Drawing upon her lived experiences, Lorde tackles topics ranging from motherhood, homophobia, and ageism to cancer survivorship, sexism, and racism. No matter who you are or where you are in life, Lorde’s powerful words are certain to strike a chord, as they have for decades.

“We Have Always Been Here”

In this heartfelt memoir, author Samra Habib reflects upon her experiences of growing up queer and Muslim in Pakistan, where she faced threats of violence from extremists. The challenges she endured changed when she and her family fled to Canada as refugees. In the Great White North, she fought to overcome racism and bullying — all while resisting her family’s expectations for her to live a heteronormative lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for compelling true stories or uplifting tales of hope, you can experience the full spectrum of emotions with LGBTQ+ literature. For more recommendations, visit your local library or bookseller. 

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