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410.768.7800 | June 2016

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2016 Free Shred Fest
Annapolis Branch - 2661 Riva Rd., June 25th

Did your Spring Cleaning leave you with a pile of old bank statements, medial records or other personal papers to be disposed of?  If so, bag 'em up and bring them to Arundel Federal's office at 2661 Riva Road in Annapolis on June 25th.

Super Hero Summer
Save Your Summer Sweepstakes

Get ready to "Save your Summer" Super Hero style!  Starting July 1st you can win a chance to spend the summer with Super Heroes.

Benefits of Online Bill Pay
Utilizing your financial institution�s bill pay feature can save time and money

Photo: Benefits of Online Bill Pay
Managing your bills can be a headache. Organizing them and remembering which bills to pay can become overwhelming and frustrating.

The Financial Accounts Everyone Should Have
Essential accounts no one should be without

It�s hard to speak for everyone in the world, but when it comes to banking, financial accounts are pretty universal � and beneficial. And while everyone�s different, there are a few main accounts you�ll likely want to have.

Important Steps Before Buying a Home
Preparing for the home-buying process

So, you�re ready to buy a home. Home ownership is a major milestone in anyone�s life � but also one that involves lots of complexities and responsibilities.

What to Know About �Spear Phishing�
The latest scam thrives on familiarity

Most of us are aware of the term �phishing� � a con game in which scammers use spam, malicious websites, and online messages to trick people into divulging sensitive financial or personal information.

Classic Movies to Get You Excited for Summer
Spend summer with the movie stars watching these Hollywood hits

Most kids don�t need any help getting excited for summer, that time of the year when the responsibilities of school give way to carefree days in the sun. But watching these classic movies will make everyone in the family�even parents�anxious for the lazy, hazy days of summer.

Natural Remedies to Help Prevent Migraines
Avoid the headache with these natural tips

Migraine headaches are capable of derailing a day altogether, debilitating its sufferers with symptoms that include severe photosensitivity, nausea and vomiting.

Get Creative with Leftover Fruits and Vegetables
A few ways to use those lingering fruits and vegetables

It�s a tale as old as vegetable crispers: you are in the midst of your weekly refrigerator clean out and you realize that you have some produce you forgot to use.

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