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410.768.7800 | August 2016

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A New Look and New Features for Your Debit Card

In July we announced several improvements to your Arundel Federal debit card to increase the security and convenience of your card�.plus we gave your card an entirely new look!

110 Year Anniversary
Celebrate with us the week of August 22nd

Enjoy a snack with us the week of August 22 when all of our branches will celebrate Arundel Federal�s 110th Anniversary.

EMV Credit Cards
Facts about the new trend in credit cards

If you�ve been looking into getting a new credit card lately, you may have heard the term EMV credit card and wondered what it meant. This new trend has been gaining popularity in the United States over the past few years, but it is already firmly established internationally. The following information can help you understand the basics of EMV credit cards and how they can benefit you.

When To Use Your House As Equity
Finance your dreams with cash from your home

Have you been dreaming about getting an extreme home makeover or fantasizing about a European trip? Maybe you feel depressed because achieving these dreams seems impossible. Don�t despair, because maybe they are possible, and you just might be sitting on the answer � your home.

The Secrets to Saving More Money
Knowing which accounts to use can help you save more

Today, there are many options for where to put your money.

The Risks of Using Someone Else�s Wi-Fi
Protecting you and your money from hackers

The internet has made doing many things much easier. It provides instant gratification for shopping for that perfect outfit or new gadget, and banking and bill payment services are just a click away.

Plan a Vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusetts
What to do, where to stay and what to eat in Cape Cod

Separated from the Massachusetts mainland by a canal, Cape Cod is one of the premier vacation destinations in all of New England.

Go Green: Inventive Uses for Your Leftover Yard Trimmings
Recycle your yard trimmings with these creative ideas

There are few smells better than that of freshly mowed grass.

Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee
Coffee does far more than provide a quick jolt in a pinch

Coffee is a great pick-me-up first thing in the morning when you need energy the most, and it is a great tool to help push through the mid-day crash that might threaten to slow your productivity at the office.

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