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410.768.7800 | April 2017
How do you bank?
Which way do you bank the most?
Mobile Banking
Online Banking
Telephone Banking
By Mail
By Branch
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April is Community Banking Month
Where you choose to bank matters

Your choice of bank is your vote on where your money goes.  Are your hard-earned deposits reinvested back into our local community?  Or are they sent off to a banking hub in another state or halfway around the world?

2017 Shred Fest
Protect your Identity at Arundel Federal Savings Bank�s Shred Fest Events

Mark your calendars and start cleaning out those old files of bills, medical records and financial documents and bring them all to an Arundel Federal Savings Bank Shred Fest Event.  FREE Admission.  FREE Parking.

Surprising Facts About Modern Savings Accounts
What you might not know that could help your bottom line

Savings accounts may seem pretty simple, but there are actually many things about them that consumers don�t know � and that could be unwittingly costing them money. Here are some facts you may be interested in knowing about modern savings accounts.

Your Financial Institution Is Still Your Best Bet
Community financial institutions can�t be beat when it comes to loans

From crowdsourcing to credit cards, there are myriad options to sift through when trying to finance your business. But as the saying goes, �if it ain�t broke don�t fix it� � and that holds true with business lending. Getting a loan from your local financial institution is still a top choice for small business owners for a variety of reasons.

Investing During Retirement
Smart strategies for retirees

There is more at stake when you are investing during retirement because you no longer have an income that can make up for potential losses. During your working years, you could make up for investment setbacks by adding extra hours to your work schedule or postponing retirement. But going back to work is typically not an option for retirees, so caution is needed.

Tips for Making Safe Credit Card Purchases Online
In today�s digital age, you need to be especially careful when making online purchases

With online shopping becoming the norm, people have also become more susceptible to identity theft. It�s imperative that you be careful and mindful of how you shop online.

Monthly Subscription Boxes That Will Enrich Your Life
Five subscription boxes to brighten your day once a month

The popularity of subscription boxes has rapidly grown in the past few years, which means there are plenty to choose from.

Accent Wall 101
Tips for creating a proper accent wall that will get people talking

Whether you are sprucing up a new home or reinvigorating a room that seems to have lost its luster, accent walls are a great way to draw eyes and start conversations.

7 Signs You�re Doing Laundry All Wrong
Are you making these common laundry mistakes?

Despite years of laundry experience, there are �loads� of ways to make mistakes with this chore. If you�re doing any of the following, it�s time to change your clothes-cleaning practices.

How You Can Help Reduce Air Pollution
Help keep the air around you clean by employing these methods to reduce air pollution

In order for our bodies to receive the oxygen that we require to survive, we need to constantly breathe in the air around us. As such, we definitely want the air we breathe to be clean.

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