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Arundel Federal Savings Bank
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2018 Fall Shred Fest
Stay protected at Arundel Federal's Free Shred Fest

To raise awareness and promote prevention of consumer fraud and identity theft, Arundel Federal is hosting a free community-wide Shred Fest event on Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 10am to 1pm at our Annapolis Branch located at 2661 Riva Road, 21401. 

Using CDs for Your Savings
The advantages and drawbacks of putting your money in a certificate of deposit

If you have funds that you want to squirrel away without the temptation to dip into them, consider putting the money into a certificate of deposit.

Should You Get a Construction Loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit?
Build the home of your dreams with the help of these financial opportunities

It’s always been your dream not to simply buy a home for retirement, but to build one from the ground up that is perfectly suited to your vision for how you want to spend your twilight years. To achieve this dream, two of the major financial options to consider are borrowing against the value of your current home with a home equity line of credit or taking out a construction loan.

Pros and Cons of Paying Off Your Loans Early
Is there ever a wrong time to pay off a loan early?

Carrying loan debt can be stressful if you have other things you’d rather be doing with your money — and, frankly, who doesn’t? This leads to the noble ambition of wanting to pay off your loans as early as possible, which can pay dividends for you in terms of saving money and anxiety. However, even if you have the means, is it always the right decision to pay off a loan or debt early?

Top New Payment Options to Consider
As transactions turn digital, consumers are turning to these new payment methods and services

Consumers are utilizing more than just cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards. They now use a number of different smartphone apps and digital expense options to pay for products and services nationwide. Here are some of the top new payment options to consider if you plan on entering the digital age of capitalism.

How to Transfer Retirement Savings If You Die
Take the right steps to protect your legacy

When people think about retirement, their top concern is usually whether they will have enough money to live comfortably. Unfortunately, though understandably, they often forget about their eventual death. To make life as easy as possible for your loved ones after you have died, you should ensure you have set things up correctly.

Overdraft Protection 101
Benefits and drawbacks of overdraft protection

Living beyond your means can cost you twice. There’s the actual payment that you can’t cover and the corresponding overdraft fee, which adds insult to injury by charging you a penalty for drawing money you don’t have. It’s an expensive and frustrating cycle, but knowing how to use your financial institution’s overdraft protection service to your advantage can help you break free.

Should You Install a Banking App on Your Phone?
Do the benefits of banking apps outweigh the potential downsides?

Mobile phones have become increasingly useful for managing your money thanks to the availability of online banking. You may have reservations about incorporating this very important aspect of your life into your smartphone, and that’s perfectly reasonable — using a banking app on your phone is not without risks to consider.

Wellness Checks to Schedule before School Starts
Make sure to schedule these health checks before autumn arrives

Going back to school is a stressful time for parents; particularly when making sure your children have all of the supplies they need for their classes, as well as the best clothes and nutritious meals. One thing you should definitely address before your children get to the classroom is their health and wellness.

Why to Consider a Used Luxury Car
Six reasons to bring home a pre-owned, new-to-you luxury model

If you’re daydreaming about driving an affluent, stylish vehicle, but prefer more affordable transportation, consider buying a used luxury vehicle. Here are just some of the advantages of pursuing this affordable yet rewarding route.

Best First Pets for Kids
What pet will work well with your family?

Your children have been pestering you incessantly for a pet, but you aren’t completely sure that they’re ready to handle the responsibility that comes with having one. It is important to ensure that you pick the pet that is best suited for your children’s age and maturity to ensure that everyone is happy for years to come.

Easy-to-Learn Crafts
Let your creative juices flow with these simple DIY crafts

There’s nothing like creating art to help you relax and unwind after a particularly long day, or maybe you’re just in the mood for a new project to spruce up your home. If you love making crafts but don’t know where to begin, here are four do-it-yourself art ideas that you can be proud of once you’re finished.

How to Establish Good Social Media Practices with Your Kids
Help your kids be smart and safe while being social online

Although it has the power to connect, inform and engage people like never before, social media can also put your child in potentially dangerous situations. With your guidance, your child can safely navigate the pitfalls and celebrate the joys of social media.

Upcoming Fall TV Premieres
Tune into these new television series arriving this fall

The fall television season is exciting each year, with new programs being added into weekly schedules on a variety of channels. This year has been quite busy and newsworthy for television, with multiple reboots making headlines and new shows from well-known producers heading to the small screen.

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