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Arundel Federal Savings Bank
410.768.7800 | October 2019

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Special Announcement
Arundel Federal has a new appointed president

Arundel Federal Savings Bank announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Thomas N. Herpel to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer.

Save the Date
Arundel Federal's Fall Events

Mark your calendars for upcoming Fall events!!!

Common Financial Fees
Bank account charges you can easily avoid

You’re working hard to build up your financial accounts by filling them with the money you’ve earned. When you look at your monthly statements, sometimes you might notice some of that cash being deducted to pay a variety of fees.

How Marriage Affects Debt
Know your liabilities if you’re marrying someone with debts

Sharing your life means sharing the good and the bad, and that includes your finances. If you or your partner have existing debts, it’s important to know how your marriage will affect those financial obligations.

Financial Tips for Going Back to School
Financial tips for mature learners

If you’re considering going back to college to boost your credentials, you’re probably on the lookout for money-saving strategies.

Why You Need to Know Interest Rates
Understanding interest rates and why they matter

When you invest your money or take out a loan, you’re affected by an interest rate. Understanding what an interest rate is and how it works impacts how much money you keep or how much you pay out.

Identifying Your Wants Vs. Your Needs
Practices that reduce your spending and save you money

The foundation of successfully managing your finances is budgeting, and a pillar of budgeting is learning to distinguish your needs from your wants.

Extra Steps to Secure Your Online Banking Profile
Tips to help safeguard you when banking online

Online banking is a modern-day service that provides convenience if you often find yourself on the go. This convenience can turn into a major hassle, however, if you don’t properly safeguard your online banking profile.

4 Easy Ways You Can Go Green
It’s easy to help the environment by making these simple lifestyle changes

Now, more than ever, the Earth needs your help. You don’t have to go to extremes to do your part; there are many easy ways to go green.

How to Maintain Exercise Habits When the Weather Changes
Keep your exercise routine rolling into winter with these tips

As autumn creeps in, you may find your summer exercise routine in jeopardy thanks to colder, rainier weather. Exercise habits need not fall by the wayside when the weather changes — there are a number of strategies that can help you maintain healthy exercise habits despite seasonal changes.

Tailgating Tips for Football Season
Get ready for the gridiron games with these tips

Football season is here, and to get the most out of this exciting time you need to be prepared for the ultimate tailgating experience.

Don’t Miss These 4 Upcoming Broadway Shows
You’ll want to catch these inspiring performances later this year

From covering the story of a ’60s diva to that of a ’90s rock star and everything in between, Broadway is planning to serve up quite a lineup of productions this fall and winter.

Top-Rated Apps to Help You Sleep Better
Feel rested and refreshed with these apps

Thanks to an endless stream of social media and entertainment, our phones, tablets and computers can tempt us to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

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