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Arundel Federal Savings Bank
410.768.7800 | October 2020

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Retirement and Promotions
Who is retired and who got promoted?

Amy Beall, Mary Lou Beck, Tammy Teets As we say goodbye to one person, we say hello to familiar faces with new job titles.

2020 Arundel Federal Food Drive
Thursday, October 1st, 2020 through Friday, November 6th, 2020

2020 Arundel Federal Food Drive
Collection boxes will be available in the lobbies of all six Arundel Federal branches: Annapolis, Brooklyn, Gambrills, Glen Burnie, Pasadena, and Severna Park.

Teaching the Basics of Checking Accounts To Younger Kids
Checking account lessons for younger kids

How to handle money is an important life lesson. The sooner you start your child’s financial education, the more knowledgeable and responsible they will be with their money.

Three Things You Should Know Before Consolidating Debt
Debt consolidation isn’t a silver bullet for debt problems

Consolidating debt is a common and proven debt management strategy. In short, it involves combining multiple debts into a single payment, making your overall debt easier to handle.

Weekend Home Projects to Spruce Up Your Home
Quick and easy jobs that add long-term value

Quick and easy jobs that add long-term value

Give Your Retirement Portfolio a Boost
Quick tips for growing your savings

If your retirement portfolio needs a jump, either because you got into the savings game late or because the economic strain of COVID-19 put a dent in your existing savings, you’ve got options.

Little Ways to Save Money
Stretch your paychecks a bit more

Whether you’re preparing for a big purchase or tightening your belt during a rough patch, saving money is a good idea.

Get Excited for the Future of Mobile Banking Apps
How technology can help make managing your finances even easier

Using your financial institution’s mobile banking app makes paying bills, moving money and doing other fiscal tasks more convenient.

Online Finance Basics
How to manage your money and accounts while social distancing

In these challenging times, you may not feel as comfortable visiting your financial institution. A great way to stay on top of your financial needs without the risk of going out is online and mobile banking.

Navigating Thanksgiving as a Vegan
How to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without causing your relationships or appetite to suffer

If you avoid all animal byproducts in your diet, Thanksgiving dinner can pose a challenge for you.

Decor Ideas to Warm Up Your House
Make your house feel like a home

A well-decorated house should be both warm and inviting to provide relaxation during a night in.

Winterizing Your Home
Prepare your home to withstand the frigid weather ahead

As the temperature gradually begins to drop and winter rolls in, your house requires important maintenance to ensure it’s prepared for the coldest time of the year.

3 Mystery and Thriller Book Series to Binge
Fall headlong into worlds of intrigue and suspense this autumn

Diving headlong into the twisting, turning and complex world of a mystery franchise is a great way to escape the grind of the day to day.

4 Captivating Travel Series and Documentaries to Watch
Fly around the world from the safety of your couch

While going anywhere far from home can be dangerous and overseas travel is mostly unavailable, consider watching some of these travel shows and documentaries to plan future adventures.

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Great
Easy tips for eliminating unwanted odors

Maintaining a home comes with a variety of challenges, among them the need to keep your space smelling fresh.

How to Create a Home Gym on a Budget
Get buff on the cheap with these tips
If you’re on the verge of creating your own home gym but want to keep things budget-friendly, consider these tips before splurging on unnecessary equipment or additional expenses.

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