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Arundel Federal Savings Bank
410.768.7800 | December 2020

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Oh, What a Year! 2020
A New CEO, A Pandemic and Customer Appreciation Week

The year 2020 started out very promising; no snow days, a new President & CEO and ready to begin our new year goals. It was work as usual. We were keeping up with the news of a Coronavirus - not yet named COVID-19 and not yet labeled a pandemic.

What’s New at Arundel Federal
A New Hire, New Promotions, and a Retirement

We welcome a new addition to our Home Lending Team, congratulate four employee’s promotions, and bid farewell to one member of Arundel Federal’s branch staff.

The Financial Accounts Everyone Should Consider
Protect your money and plan for the future with these financial accounts

Diving into the choppy waters of financial planning can feel intimidating, especially when you realize just how many types of accounts there are.

The Risks of Investing in Bonds
Not all bonds are as stable as you may assume

You’re depending on your assets to support you throughout your life — especially once you retire — so it’s important that you invest your money in a way that’s secure and stable to yield the financial returns you’re relying on.

Refinancing A Loan
Introduction to loan refinancing

Refinancing a loan involves replacing an existing loan by paying off the debt with a new one. Ideally, the new loan has better terms or features to make the process worthwhile.

Learn About Cryptocurrency
Decrypting the basics of digital currency

In recent years, cryptocurrency has been a booming topic among investors. However, these digital currencies have many key differences when it comes to storage, transactions and volatility. Before you invest, consider these factors.

The Pros and Cons of Multiple Savings Accounts
How to wisely manage your money

When you want to securely store your money, you can choose to open one or more savings accounts at a financial institution.

Should You Get Full Coverage or Liability Car Insurance?
How to decide which types of coverage your car needs

You’re required by law to have car insurance, but what type and amount of coverage you have is up to you. One of the components of auto coverage you have to weigh is if you want full coverage or just liability insurance.

Handling Your Taxes When You Retire Overseas
Keeping Uncle Sam happy while living your dream abroad

After decades of hard work, the opportunity to retire somewhere abroad is the stuff of dreams. Before you book your flights and say goodbye to the United States, you’ll want to be fully aware of where you stand from a tax perspective.

Organizing and Storing Your Online Passwords
Safe ways to organize and store your online passwords

To safeguard your financial, private, and personal information from identity thieves and hackers, you should use unique passwords for each of your online accounts as well as for each of your devices.

The History of Kwanzaa
A seven-day celebration of powerful principles and beloved traditions

At the end of every year, families and communities around the world celebrate African-American and pan-African heritage during the seven days of Kwanzaa.

How to Volunteer Virtually
Giving back from the comfort of your own home

For those who are willing and able to give back, volunteering for various good causes can be a rewarding and even life-changing experience.

Holiday Decor Ideas for Small Apartments
Spruce up your abode for the most wonderful time of the year

Nothing gets you in the mood for celebrating and enjoying the season faster than fun decorations.

Unique Gadgets to Upgrade Your Kitchen
Make cooking more enjoyable with these convenient tools

Spend less time in the kitchen and maximize the fun of whipping up new recipes.

6 Ways to Optimize Your Walking Workout
How to make greater strides toward health and fitness

Whether you spend too much time on the couch or are constantly on the go, you can make big gains when you commit to a regular walking routine.

3 Delicious Recipes You Can Make with Leftovers
How to easily turn your holiday leftovers into new meals

Instead of microwaving those leftovers to consume the same meal ad nauseam, you can transform already-cooked food into ingredients for new meals.

5 Lesser-Known Holiday Movies to Watch This Year
Don’t miss out on these underrated holiday gems

Almost everyone is familiar with films like “A Christmas Story” and “Elf.” They’re shown practically nonstop from Dec. 1 to Christmas Day. But there are plenty of other movies full of heartwarming tales focused on the holiday season.

Get Fancy at Home with These Charcuterie Board Ideas
Improve your platter arrangement skills by learning the secrets of a successful charcuterie

Creating a charcuterie arrangement may seem complicated, but it’s actually an easy way to impress your guests once you learn the basics.

3 Creative Ideas for Your Vacation Photos
Sharing your trip with loved ones

After taking a vacation, you return home with more photos than you know what to do with. Consider one of these ways to show photos to your friends and family.

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