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Arundel Federal Savings Bank
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The Blue Ribbon Project's Backpacks of Love
Arundel Federal fills Backpacks of Love for local children entering foster care

This Spring, Arundel Federal employees joined together to help local children entering foster care by contributing to The Blue Ribbon Project’s Backpacks of Love program located in Annapolis.

2021 Charity Golf Tournament
Arundel Federal sponsored 8th Annual Chip in for the Arts Golf Tournament

Arundel Federal sponsored its 8th Annual Chip in for the Arts Golf Tournament in Pasadena, MD on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. A total of $23,550.00 was raised to support the children’s arts and education programs at the Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC).

CD vs. Savings Account
Figuring out the best way to make your money work for you

Whether you’re putting aside funds for a rainy day or a sunny summer vacation, saving money is an absolute must. When it comes to how you save, two of the most popular options are savings accounts and certificates of deposit.

Health Savings Account 101
Is a health savings account right for you?

Medical expenses can extend way beyond the bill you receive from your doctor’s office. If you have a high-deductible health plan, you may be privy to a health savings account.

What Home Insurance Actually Covers
Know what your homeowners insurance policy includes — and what it doesn’t

Your home is a major investment, and anything that goes wrong on your property could result in extensive repair costs. You don’t want to find out when filing a claim that your policy doesn’t cover what you thought it did — and now you’re stuck paying for repairs out of pocket.

Creating a Home Maintenance Schedule
How to begin taking better care of your house

Just like your car or your own body, your house needs regular care to keep its condition in top shape. To help you make this a habit, here’s a helpful summary of the most common maintenance tasks every house requires.

Borrowing from Your IRA
What you need to know about taking money out of an IRA

When you’re building for retirement, an IRA is one of the best assets you can have in your portfolio. But can it help if you need money now?

Monitoring Your Credit Report
Tips for safeguarding your accounts

Your credit report holds plenty of valuable information. It can help you understand your spending habits, lend insight into your creditworthiness, and perhaps most importantly, it can enable you to monitor your accounts for fraud.

Creative Ways to Celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month
How you can support the LGBTQ community this year

June 1 officially marks the start of Pride Month, a time when individuals in the LGBTQ community get together and celebrate their authentic selves.

3 Unique Burger Recipes for Your Next Cookout
Delicious alternatives to traditional beef burgers

On a warm summer day, nothing is more delicious than a burger cooked on your backyard barbecue grill. But that doesn’t mean the meat you use has to be beef — or meat at all.

5 Great Movies for Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride
A sampler mix of the vast world of LGBTQ+ cinema

Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted popcorn flick or a moving drama, Pride Month is the perfect time to appreciate some LGBTQ+-focused flicks.

Essential Food Safety Tips for Picnics
Ways to keep foodborne illness at bay

Potlucks and barbecues are a great way to enjoy summer with your friends and family, but a bout of food poisoning is anything but a picnic.

How to Get Better Sleep While Traveling
Tips for getting the rest you need when you’re on the go

Whether you’re simply going on a weekend trip to the mountains or heading across the country into a different time zone, getting enough sleep is essential. But sleeping while traveling can prove to be quite difficult.

Tips for Managing Anxiety in Everyday Life
Helpful things to make your days a bit better

Dealing with anxiety in everyday life can be tough and, unfortunately, therapy is not accessible to some individuals. Healthy coping mechanisms are good alternatives that can help you manage your anxiety.

What Kind of Grill Do You Need?
How to choose the right tool for your next backyard barbecue

Sometimes, when it’s nice outside, there’s no better way to spend the afternoon than firing up the grill to make a delicious meal. But, if you’re new to this unique method of cooking, it can be hard to tell which of the most popular types you should choose.

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