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Arundel Federal Savings Bank
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Your Debit Card Has All The Perks!
Earn rewards when you use your Arundel Federal debit card

Get ready to be rewarded! Coming soon – QuickPerks Rewards. Automatically earn points just by using your Arundel Federal debit card.

2021 Shred Fest
Fall Shred Fest Cancelled

We regret to inform you that our Fall Shred Fest, for Saturday, September 18th at our Annapolis Branch has been cancelled.
What Is a Certificate of Deposit Account?
CDs provide a slow, steady way to grow your money

In the world of investments, certificates of deposit occupy a middle ground. Also known as CDs, they provide you with a guaranteed interest rate in return for keeping a specific amount of money in an account for a set period of time.

Emergency Fund Basics
Give your finances a buffer

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic downturn might have exposed how fragile your finances are. As the economy begins to recover, it’s a good time to consider building an emergency fund to help protect you in the future.

How to File a Home Insurance Claim
Follow these steps when filing a home insurance claim

Your insurance provider probably informed you of your coverages when you signed up for your policy, but likely didn’t explain how to file a claim when the time comes.

Home Equity Line of Credit vs. Home Equity Loan
How a home equity line of credit and a home equity loan differ

Are you planning a home renovation? Do you need to consolidate debt? If so, you might consider opening a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or applying for a home equity loan.

Are You Ready to Own a Home?
How to know if you are ready to become a homeowner

From being financially stable to accounting for possible emergencies, there are certain things to be aware of when it comes to purchasing a new house.

Your Assets and Divorce
Keep what’s yours when a relationship ends

Divorce isn’t something you want to think about, but sometimes even the best relationships run aground.

Creating a Budget Online
Online tools to make budgeting a breeze

Budgeting is notorious for being a hassle. Thanks to these mobile apps and web-based services, you won’t have to pore over your finances for hours or mess around with spreadsheets.

Online Check Deposit Basics
Here’s how to deposit a check with your smartphone

If you have a smart device with a camera and a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, this is a fast, convenient, and secure way to deposit funds into your account.

5 of the Best Meal Kit Delivery Services
Make dinnertime more convenient

If you enjoy cooking but don’t have time to fully prepare a meal or head to the grocery store, signing up for a meal kit delivery service is a great option.

4 Recipe Apps to Make Your Life Easier
Check out these apps to make dinnertime a breeze

There are plenty of helpful apps for just about anything you could think of in this world, including recipes. Check out these options if you’re looking for a way to organize.

5 Pet-Friendly Houseplants to Grow
Houseplants that are safe for your four-legged family members

Even if you and the human members of your family know not to munch on leaves, flowers, or stems, your four-legged family members may not.

Tips for Fixing Your Sleep Schedule
Get your body back on track with these tips

Whether you’ve found yourself staying up a bit too late or you recently changed work schedules, there are many ways to get your sleep schedule back on track.

Creative Ways to Upcycle Old Books
Give your old books a creative new lease on life

For all of the entertainment and learning opportunities books offer to readers, they also have a tendency to take up space. Thankfully, there’s a solution to the problem of book clutter that doesn’t involve a garbage can.

Different Types of Headaches and How They're Caused
These are the culprits behind the most common types of headaches

Headaches come in multiple varieties and can affect people in many different ways. Here are just a few of the most common headache types and why we suffer from them.

Beyond Breakfast: 2 Creative Egg Recipes
Get crackin’ and try out these delectable egg-based delicacies

Chances are that you haven’t explored the humble egg to its full culinary potential and have relegated it to mere omelets and scrambles.

How to Host an Authentic English Tea Party
Would you like one lump or two?

The English have perfected afternoon tea, and the following tips will help you replicate their style, sophistication, and joy in your own home or backyard.

Best Apps for Making Mom Friends
Apps to help you connect with other moms

Becoming a mom opens a new chapter in your life, and just with every new stage, you want people you can trust to share it with. Other moms can offer you much-needed support, a fresh perspective, and lifelong friendships you will cherish.

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