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Arundel Federal Savings Bank
410.768.7800 | April 2022

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BKind Gives
Arundel Federal Partners with BKind to Collect for Those in Need

Every year Arundel Federal partners with local organizations in need.  This Spring we've partnered with BKind, a local non-profit that provides food, clothing, and hygiene products to those less fortunate in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, and Baltimore County.

Meet our Board of Directors
Pamela Beidle

Pam Beidle has served as a Director of Arundel Federal Savings Bank since 2004.  She is a member of the Executive, Personnel and Risk Committees.


$500 Closing Cost Offer
Enjoy $500 off your closing cost on us!

In addition to great mortgage rates, for a limited time, when you close with Arundel Federal Savings Bank on a home purchase, refinance or a construction permanent loan, mention this offer and receive a $500 closing credit!

How to Avoid Overdraft Fees
What to do when you overdraft, and how to avoid it

If you make a purchase that would put your checking account into a negative balance, your financial institution is likely to charge an overdraft fee.

Advice for Teaching Your Child How to Use Checks
Finance lesson: how to teach your kid to use checks

Talking to your kids about finances is an ongoing conversation.

How to Correct Errors on Your Credit Report
Tips for fixing an incorrect credit report

Managing your credit score takes hard work and if it is at a certain number or range, it could help you purchase a house, a vehicle, or other big-ticket items.

How Inflation Affects Your Finances
What you need to know about inflation and your money

As prices for goods and services increase, the money in your wallet is unable to buy as much. But the effects of inflation on your finances extends beyond pricier items.

How to Make Your Home Wi-Fi Network More Secure
Ways to improve your home’s internet security so you can safely bank online

To ensure your online banking is secure, follow these suggestions to bolster your Wi-Fi’s defenses.

6 Great Cooking Shows
Essential viewing for aspiring cooks and armchair chefs

Whether you’re seeking tips to sharpen your own skills or just want to relax and watch great chefs create mouthwatering dishes, there’s a cooking show out there for you.

What is a Flexitarian Diet?
Find out if the flexitarian lifestyle is right for you

Looking to start fresh this spring? The flexitarian diet helps you eat healthier without dictating strict guidelines or counting every calorie that crosses your lips.

3 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas
3 categories to explore for Mother’s Day gifts

If you’re looking for something as unique as your mom, consider the following gift suggestions to brighten her day.

Making the Most of Your Staycation
Tips for relaxing close to home

If you want to take a break without leaving your local area, a staycation is a great way to kick back and relax.

What Is Car Sharing and How Does It Work?
Everything you should know about car sharing

Car sharing is an increasingly popular means of getting around. But even as it becomes more widespread, you may be wondering what it is, how it works, and how it stacks up to other forms of transportation.

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