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October 2013
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Halloween Candy Alternatives
Bypass the sugar for fun, colorful items kids (and parents) will love

Most any kid will say they want as much candy as they can round up when they knock on neighbor’s doors on Halloween. But getting overloaded with sugar isn’t the best plan. Some dentists around the country even have buyback programs where they offer prizes and other items for kids who turn in their Halloween candy stash. If you’re looking for some creative alternatives to passing out the sweet stuff, we have some ideas for you.
Colorful stickers, pencils and erasers
You can buy sheets of Halloween themed stickers or other designs and toss into kids’ jack-o-lanterns. Or you might stock up on pencils and erasers with cool designs that kids will love to use in the classroom.
Temporary tattoos
Kids love these items, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and designs, plus they are inexpensive. You might get a Halloween-themed tattoo to pass out, or you can get a variety — everything from glittery designs to superheroes. 
Bowl of fun items
Use your imagination when you stock a big bowl full of novelty items for your trick-or-treaters to pick out. Consider things like plastic vampire teeth, bottles of bubbles, toothbrushes, stretchy frogs, bouncy balls, whistles, and party favor items.
All in the name of safety
Some items that you can give that will delight the kids as well as the parents can actually be effective in making the trek through the neighborhood a bit safer. All you need to do is hand out glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark necklaces. This makes the little goblins more visible. Glow bracelets, flashing wands and finger beam lights are also possibilities.
Healthier snacks
Instead of passing out loads of chocolate or other types of candy, consider stocking up on single-serving packages of pretzels, boxes of raisins, granola bars or juice boxes. Other ideas include packets of hot chocolate, snack-sized cheese and crackers, and sugar-free gum.
Cold hard cash
Imagine the thrill of getting actual money while trick or treating. You can dole out pennies, nickels, dimes, and even quarters. Regardless of the amount, receiving some change will bring smiles to the recipients.
Art supplies
Bring out their creativity when you offer trick-or-treaters a variety of items they can use for art projects. Suggestions include Play-Doh®, origami paper and instructions, inexpensive paintbrushes, crayons or markers.
There are some online companies that specialize in selling novelty items, like some of those mentioned above, in bulk. This makes it very economical to keep all those Halloween buckets filled on Oct. 31. 

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