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January 2014

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What are the password requirements for Avidia Bank Internet Banking?
A yearly reminder for password safety

Identity thieves are always on the prowl to acquire password information and gain access to your most important financial asset: your money.  While they are relentless and we have secure encryption in place, there are ways you can keep this information secure and prevent your hard earned money from being taken in the first place.

Just a reminder, here are the password requirements for Avidia Bank’s Internet Banking: 

  • Minimum length is eight characters (Maximum length 32).
  • User ID must contain at least 2 alpha and 2 numeric characters.
  • Password must contain at least 1 alpha and 1 numeric character.
  • Password is case sensitive.
  • May NOT contain any of the following special characters: < > ' |
  • Beginning and ending spaces are not allowed.

What can you do to keep your Avidia Accounts Safe?

  • Change your password frequently such as every month.
  • Never use something that is easy to figure out like your pet’s name or the street you live on.
  • Do not use the same password for everything.
  • Intentionally misspell words.

And as always, if you feel that someone has gained access to your accounts, immediately contact Avidia Bank at 800-508-2265

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