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How to Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products
Natural cleaning products that get the job done at a reduced price

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just trying to help the environment, natural cleaning solutions made from regular household items such as vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can make your house cleaner and keep your bank account considerably fuller. Best of all, creating your own natural cleaning products allows you to control the ingredients of your cleansers, so you can avoid the toxins found in some name brand cleaning products.

White vinegar mixed with water

Combine one cup of white vinegar with one cup of water in a spray bottle for a diluted vinegar solution that is great for cleaning kitchen counters, backsplash areas, bathroom floors and toilet exteriors. The gentle acidity of this mixture is able to dissolve hard water deposits, dirt and soap scum from smooth surfaces like bath tubs and restroom counters. According to, another great feature of this diluted vinegar solution is that it’s a natural deodorizer, absorbing odors rather than just covering them up. This product would be ideal for cleaning a mattress used by a bedwetting toddler. No need to worry—the vinegar smell disappears after it dries.

Lemon infused vinegar

Soak six or seven lemons in a jar of white distilled vinegar for two weeks, and then strain the lemon infused vinegar and mix it with an equal amount of water. This lemon-infused vinegar is exceptional at cleaning sinks because of its germ-killing abilities. It is also harsh on grease due to its acidity. According to, this citrus vinegar can also be used in conjunction with baking soda to give a thorough cleaning to stove tops. Apply the citrus vinegar first to remove grease, and then apply baking soda paste—made by mixing baking soda with water—to treat burn marks. The stove top cleaning is completed by wiping away the baking soda after it has settled.

Hydrogen peroxide

There is no mixing involved here. Hydrogen peroxide straight out of the bottle can be a great natural cleaner. Some people already use it to remove ear wax and highlight hair, but few know that it can also be used to clean cutting boards and refrigerators. Simply add a spray nozzle to a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and it becomes a non-toxic and cheap cleaning tool, according to Spray the inside of a refrigerator, let it sit a couple of minutes, and then wipe away all the dissolved mess. Hydrogen peroxide can also be sprayed on a cutting board to make the leftover food particles bubble up; then they can easily be wiped away.

Making and using your own natural cleaning products is a great way to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle without breaking the bank—a win-win situation for everyone.


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