September 2015

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Introducing The #AvidiaSmarties!

Have you met the Avidia Bank Social Media Street Team?  You may have seen them at events or been following them on social media!  This is the first brand ambassador program of its kind!

So what is a Smartie?  [smahr-tee], noun.  A Smartie is a loyal brand ambassador.  Knowledgeable about bank products/services and industry trends.  Enthusiastic.   Motivated.  Passionate.  Embodies the personality of Avidia Bank socially and holistically and helps to define it. 

The #AvidiaSmarties was started in an effort to provide live coverage of community events, financial literacy and brand awareness.   The #AvidiaSmarties consist of members from a variety of departments and branches at Avidia Bank.  They are a tech savvy group who can snap a photo and get it out onto 3 social networks in seconds, with the proper hashtags, of course! 

Each Smartie has their own personal brand and profile:

Avidia Smarties Facebook Page
BankSmartAlicia's Twitter
BankSmartCarrie's Twitter and Instagram
BankSmartErin's Twitter and Instagram
BankSmartJess' Twitter
BankSmartKait's Twitter and Instagram
BankSmartKate's Twitter and Instagram
BankSmartMax's Twitter and Instagram

Follow them using the links above and be on the lookout for them at local events in their #SmartieSwag! 

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