September 2015

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How to Use an EMV Chip Card

If you have a debit card account at Avidia Bank, you will be receiving a new card in the next few months.  In an effort to increase fraud protection and security for our customers, the new debit cards will include an EMV chip.  In addition to the security features from the EMV chip enabled cards, we are converting our debit cards to MasterCard™.  The new MasterCard™ debit card offers enhanced security features and better Avidia Rewards!   Learn more about the rewards and EMV chip enabled cards below. 

What are EMV Chip Cards?

EMV chip cards work in conjunction with EMV logic in the merchant terminal. This dual process will thwart fraud by

preventing the reproduction of cards from stolen data.  Chip cards better protect your account information from fraud by generating single use transactions.


Fraud Reduction

A robust process, that has been in use for 20 years, incorporates unique information for each transaction making it impossible to replicate and therefore reducing the counterfeit card fraud. EMV technology helps protect you even if your card or your card data is lost or stolen. The technology makes it difficult for anyone

but the rightful owner to use the card.  In addition, it protects against the creation of counterfeit cards because unique data is only good for a single purchase or use.


Why MasterCard™?

Avidia Bank has partnered with MasterCard™ to bring improved security, great benefits and better Avidia Rewards!

Learn more about Avidia Rewards on our website.

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