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February 2013
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Internet Banking and Security
There�s more to managing your money than paying bills online.

With the advent of banking technology, banks are offering you more than just brick and mortar branches. There is good reason for it. Online banking, which has been around since around the late nineties, has been adopted fairly quickly. Even though it is great to help you manage your money, Internet Banking is so much more. It protects your money if you utilize it.

ATMs, Not just for cash.
Coupons at Avidia ATMs make the trip worthwhile.

Avidia Bank ATM’s now offer coupons to local businesses!  We know you need cash for anything like a night on the town, going out to lunch with co-workers or just like having cash in your wallet. So you head to Avidia to use the ATM. Once you complete your transaction, you will be offered a selection of offers from area merchants!  You can choose one of the offers and a coupon is printed out for you. Its that easy. Read on to view our current offers!

Federal Checks Will Soon Go Direct
The deadline for setting up electronic payments for federal checks is approaching

Photo: Federal Checks Will Soon Go Direct If you are receiving checks by mail for VA, Social Security, other federal benefits or nontax payments, you should know that you will soon be required to switch to electronic payments. The U.S. Department of the Treasury is mandating that this change take place before March 1, 2013. People applying for new benefits will need to use e-payments from the get-go, so it is important to learn what they entail before applying.

The Brave New World of Apps for Saving and Budgeting
Programs for handheld devices and desktops are more user-friendly than ever

Photo: The Brave New World of Apps for Saving and Budgeting The importance of budgeting and saving money never changes, but the methods for doing so are always evolving. The growing availability and widening range of apps and online programs for handheld devices, tablets, laptops and PCs provide something for everyone � everyone who wants to develop a sound financial future, that is.

Start Planning Your Estate Today
Tips on how to plan your estate at any age

Photo: Start Planning Your Estate Today Regardless of how old you are or how big your estate is, it�s never too late (or too early, for that matter) to start your estate planning. While it�s not enjoyable to think about what would happen to your assets in the event of your death, it�s an important matter to address.

Five SUV Alternatives
Fuel efficiency and driving dynamics in vehicles that don�t sacrifice cargo space

Photo: Five SUV Alternatives The car-buying public often dreams of the versatility, all-terrain capabilities, seating and cargo space afforded by sport utility vehicles but can also be made skittish by the poor fuel economy and perhaps even the sheer size of SUVs.

Boosting your Health with Supplements
Avoid potential risks when using natural remedies

Many Americans looking for a health boost are seeking out supplements. Whether they�re herbal remedies or vitamins, supplements offer a mixed bag. In some cases they have proven benefits � in other instances the science behind them is murky at best.

Best Tom Cruise Movies of All-Time
One of America's favorite actors never fails to please

As one of the most popular actors to ever grace the big screen, the charismatic and talented Tom Cruise has spent decades as a major box office draw. Many have seen all of his films, which are often considered "box office gold" due to their mass appeal in theaters worldwide. However, if you have not, you may want to tackle this list of his most memorable roles.

What Is Your Carbon Footprint?
Discover how your daily actions create an effect on the environment

Almost everything you do has an impact on the world around you. Whether it is a small or large action, how you live your life adds up to produce your overall carbon footprint (your total effect on the environment).

Palm Springs, California
Take in the Old Hollywood glamour of this vacation destination

The term "laid-back glamour" best describes Palm Springs, Calif. Nestled in Coachella Valley, vacationers young and old appreciate its many upscale offerings.

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