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July 2013
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How to recover from checking account theft.

People are not taking their checkbooks with them shopping as much as they did in previous years. With the convenience that debit and credit cards offer, as well as the time savings of having to write a check in line, why would they? If you do still carry your checkbook with you, keep it in a safe place. Thieves will know what to do with it.


The Best Values in Public College
Experts highlight the public colleges that offer the best value

Photo: The Best Values in Public College With the cost of secondary education at an all-time high and students becoming increasingly aware of the hardships that come with amassing large debts, finding a great value in a college is more important than ever. The organizations that put together college rankings are aware of this fact and are providing important information that parents and students searching for the perfect school should carefully review.

Pet Insurance: Talking Turkey
Does Polly need a policy, or is pet insurance for the birds?

Photo: Pet Insurance: Talking Turkey At first glance, pet insurance might seem one step away from an outright scam. Some experts confess to having reached this conclusion before they looked more closely at specific pet policies and pet owners� attitudes. While still not right for every pet and pet owner, pet insurance plans can actually be a beneficial means of protection in some situations.

Tips for Couples Managing Joint Accounts
Steps to take to ensure a strong financial relationship together

Photo: Tips for Couples Managing Joint Accounts As an individual, you have probably established your own personal ways of managing your finances. When it comes to combining your finances with a significant other�whether you�re getting married, moving in together or otherwise�there are certain things to consider to make sure that your finances are managed as smoothly as possible.

Three Great Touring Motorcycles
The Harley Street Bob, Victory Judge and BMW K1600GTL are versatile, enjoyable rides

Photo: Three Great Touring Motorcycles With summertime here and motorcycles out on the road, it�s normal to start dreaming of owning your own two-wheeler or trading up for a better one. Among bikes, touring cruisers such as the Harley Davidson Street Bob, the Victory Judge and the BMW K1600GTL are excellent rides because of their versatility�they�re equally comfortable and enable commuters and road trippers to handle bumps and rough patches admirably.

5 Great Superhero Video Games
These familiar favorites will give you hours of heroic fun

Video games come in all shapes and sizes; there is an exciting game fit for almost every personality. If you happen to enjoy games that center on familiar characters with super-human abilities, following are five fun, superhero-themed games you may want to consider.

Eco-Friendly Lighting
Save energy and lower utility bills by changing the lighting in your home

A few changes in your home lighting can greatly reduce your energy usage, resulting in a cleaner environment and lower utility bills. Whether it's installing dimmer switches or changing the type of light bulbs you use, even a small adjustment can yield big results.

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Unwind in luxury on this quaint New England island

Martha's Vineyard, just south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, combines New England charm with upscale accommodations and activities. Plan your getaway to the island by choosing the best of the best.

Creative Ways to Stay Hydrated
Oh-so-easy ways to drink enough water this summer

The importance of staying hydrated is well-documented: About 60 percent of the human body is composed of water, and every major system depends on water to function properly. Water helps control your body temperature, helps blood circulate and aids in digestion.

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