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September 2013
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Changes coming to Avidia Rewards+

On October 1, the Avidia Rewards+ website will have a different look. We are moving our rewards program to Scorecard. With this change comes a redesigned portal.

Back to School and Identity Thieves
What do they have in common? Children.

Identity theft is something parents never really think about when sending their children off to school. Either as a first time kindergarten parent or a seasoned middle school parent, this goes unmentioned and under the radar. ID theft can, and has, happened in a place where you would think that your child’s information should be safe. Don’t wait until your child is a young adult and applies for credit to find out if they have been a victim.

Buying vs. Leasing Your Next Vehicle
The advantages of buying a vehicle as opposed to leasing.

Photo: Buying vs. Leasing Your Next Vehicle So, you�ve determined that it�s time for a new car. Whether you decide to go with a new or used car, you have the option of either buying or leasing. Deciding what is best for you financially before you start shopping is important to ensure that you find the vehicle that you need within your budget. Here are some of the advantages of buying versus leasing.

Beat the Odds and Stay on Budget
Don�t let the good intentions of your financial planning fizzle out before becoming practical realities

Photo: Beat the Odds and Stay on Budget According to a recent survey conducted by AARP, less than three-fourths of Americans have a monthly budget they try to stick to. The survey didn�t ask how many people were successful with staying on budget, but previous measures suggest that there isn�t cause for a great deal of optimism.

Five Interesting Facts About Roth IRAs
These funds help build wealth while providing flexible contribution and withdrawal options

Photo: Five Interesting Facts About Roth IRAs Roth IRAs are an increasingly popular way to grow wealth and prepare for retirement while steering clear of withdrawal penalties, and for good reason. Here are five interesting facts about Roth IRAs that you may not have heard before.

Is an Electric Vehicle Right For You?
The answer depends on your lifestyle and priorities

Photo: Is an Electric Vehicle Right For You? With cost savings and performance, and environmental benefits, electric vehicles offer an exciting alternative to gasoline-powered and hybrid vehicles. Still, consumers should consider certain factors before making a purchase, as driving habits, living situation and the ability to pay upfront costs all affect whether an electric car is a convenient or budget-friendly purchase.

Seattle, Washington
Enjoy upscale accommodations, foodie adventures and more in this Pacific Northwest city

Despite its hipster leanings, Seattle offers plenty for upscale travelers to see and do. Stay at a luxury hotel, enjoy innovative cuisine, and take in the arts and culture this West Coast city has to offer.

Listening to Music Online: What Are Your Options?
Get your groove on at these popular sites

One of the best things about surfing the Internet is finding a free music site. Fortunately for music lovers, there are numerous free online music sources. From Taylor Swift to The Beatles and everything in between, you'll find a wide variety of music listening possibilities at these five sites.

Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet
A tasty and beneficial dietary change that�s not a fad

Research continues to show that people living around the Mediterranean Sea live longer and develop fewer health problems than Americans. Not only is their diet delicious and flavorful, their lifestyle is less stressed because they include leisurely dining and regular physical activity.

Switching to Reusables: Grocery Bags, Diapers and More
Save the environment while saving the family budget

Disposable products are a relatively new invention. With the excuse of convenience, the availability of disposable products has grown tremendously in the last 50 years. But even if disposable products are available, should you use them? More and more Americans are realizing the glut of disposable products used daily may lead to environmental problems for future generations. Making the switch to reusable products can be an eco-friendly choice that will save the environment and the family budget.

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