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January 2014

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What are the password requirements for Avidia Bank Internet Banking?
A yearly reminder for password safety
Identity thieves are always on the prowl to acquire password information and gain access to your most important financial asset: your money.  While they are relentless and we have secure encryption in place, there are ways you can keep this …

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Photo: Why You Should Have � And How to Keep � A Financial Notebook

Why You Should Have � And How to Keep � A Financial Notebook
Keeping track of your financial spending has never been easier
Being the 21st century, you�re probably inclined to keep track of most things via an electronic device. And whether you log your financial spending via an iPad, Excel document or physical notebook is up to you. The latter may be a better option than …

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Photo: Best Online Money Management Tools

Best Online Money Management Tools
Manage your money better with these online tools
New online money management tools are always being released, but that doesn�t mean that they�re better than their predecessors. The following list of online tools is the tried and true favorites of financial experts and everyday users alike. This …

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Photo: Five Common Car Buying Mistakes

Five Common Car Buying Mistakes
Avoid these errors to improve negotiating power and save money
Between finding the car that suits one�s budget and lifestyle and navigating the choppy waters of vehicle financing, car-buying mistakes are common, but they are not inevitable. Avoid these five common errors in order to improve negotiating power and…

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Photo: Top Three Dream Cars

Top Three Dream Cars
What kind of car would you buy with a budget that knows no bounds?
Are you an absolute automotive fanatic? So much so that you find yourself daydreaming about owning several exotic models of all your favorites? Are you constantly surfing the web for the newest models of your preferred brand, reading reviews on car …

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Natural Beauty Products
What ingredients lie beneath the surface of your beauty products?
While most people agree the foods you eat have a direct impact on the health of your body, fewer people are aware of the toxins and chemicals that enter their bodies through beauty products. The lotions, creams, makeup products, and astringents you …

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Enjoy this winter wonderland in luxury
The Jackson Hole area of Wyoming draws a mixed crowd in the winter, with locals sharing the slopes with the likes of Harrison Ford and Sandra Bullock. No matter how luxurious the hotel or restaurant, though, cowboy boots and jeans are the norm for …

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Extended Edition Movies That Are Worth the Watch
Enjoy more of your favorite films with these collector's edition packages
Avid moviegoers who just can't get enough of their favorite flicks can enjoy extended versions, which are available on DVD and Blu-ray. These longer versions include scenes that where edited out from the movie theater release and added back, and some…

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Helping Children Cope with Nightmares
Strategies to help your kids chase away the monsters
Most everyone is prone to bad dreams from time to time, but it can be especially frightening to young children. If they wake up at night crying or scared from a nightmare, there are things you can do to alleviate their fears and help them know how to…

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