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January 2014
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Health Savings Accounts: Myth vs. Fact
Myths and facts about the benefits and future of a Health Savings Account
Photo: Health Savings Accounts: Myth vs. Fact With the eventual rolling out of the Affordable Care Act, most people have questions about what options they have for saving money on healthcare now and in the future. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have long been a tool to save on healthcare, but even before the confusion about the Affordable Care Act arose, they were little understood and under utilized. The following information will help you separate myth from fact when it comes to HSAs.
Best Online Money Management Tools
Manage your money better with these online tools
Photo: Best Online Money Management Tools
New online money management tools are always being released, but that doesn’t mean that they’re better than their predecessors. The following list of online tools is the tried and true favorites of financial experts and everyday users alike. This information can help you determine which online money management helpers you should try out first.
Investing in Wine
Swirl, sniff and sip your way into a return on your wine investment
Photo: Investing in Wine
When asked what kind of wine you’d like to drink, you probably mull over a red or white depending on the food you’re eating. But did you ever think of pairing your vino with a side of cash?
Top Reasons Why a Business Savings Account is Crucial to Your Future
Why your business should open a savings account
Photo: Top Reasons Why a Business Savings Account is Crucial to Your Future
Do you have a savings account for your small business? If you answered yes, great! If you answered no, then you may consider opening one and here are a few reasons why you should.
Natural Beauty Products
What ingredients lie beneath the surface of your beauty products?

While most people agree the foods you eat have a direct impact on the health of your body, fewer people are aware of the toxins and chemicals that enter their bodies through beauty products. The lotions, creams, makeup products, and astringents you put on your face and body do not just stay on the top of the skin. As a porous layer, anything applied to the skin seeps through and enters the body.
Six Student Loan Rights You Need to Know
Find out your privileges when repaying federal student loans
Photo: Six Student Loan Rights You Need to Know
It’s no surprise that in recent years, more and more students are graduating college with thousands in student debt. In fact, between 2007 and 2012, student loan amounts increased 75 percent, according to a TransUnion study. But what recent grads may not know is that there are many options that can help take the burden off and help you repay federal student loans. Consider the following decisions:
Top Three Dream Cars
What kind of car would you buy with a budget that knows no bounds?
Photo: Top Three Dream Cars
Are you an absolute automotive fanatic? So much so that you find yourself daydreaming about owning several exotic models of all your favorites? Are you constantly surfing the web for the newest models of your preferred brand, reading reviews on car websites, pinning car-related pictures on Pinterest? Lamborghinis and porches and convertibles, oh my!
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