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March 2014
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Innovation and Community Investment Lead To “Business of the Year” Award
Doing good and doing well matters to the Greater Chicopee Chamber of Commerce especially when it comes to their Shining Stars. The Chamber selected PeoplesBank for that honor and named it Business of the Year for 2014. The award is given annually to a business that is evaluated on its growth, good corporate citizenship, community mindedness, staying power, and innovation [FULL STORY].
PeoplesBank Seminar Helps Businesses Retain Top Talent
Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, keeping personnel energized, and supporting their interests and goals are all critical for retaining high-performing employees. Please join PeoplesBank on Thursday, April 3, as it hosts the first in the 2014 series of free business seminars. This year’s presentation, “The Power of Stay Discussions,” will feature Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer Janice Mazzallo [FULL STORY].
How to Do a Home Energy Audit
Save money on your future electric bills with an independent review

As the record-breaking winter weather clears in most areas of the country, many families are experiencing higher-than-usual energy usage. This additional energy consumption not only leads to expensive energy bills, but can be damaging to the overall environment. Consider conducting an energy audit of your home to save on future bills. Many energy providers offer audits to their customers at no charge, but if yours doesn't, consider spending an afternoon conducting your own home energy audit.
Estate Planning Basics
Tips for getting started with estate planning
Photo: Estate Planning Basics
Chances are, if you haven’t given thought to estate planning before, it’s because you don’t feel that you’re wealthy enough to have an estate or worry about estate tax. Don’t let the social connotation of the word “estate” fool you, almost everyone should have an estate plan in place. These estate planning basics can help you on your way to setting up an estate plan.
Managing Capital vs. Cash in Your Small Business
The differences between cash and capital management for small business owners
Photo: Managing Capital vs. Cash in Your Small Business
Small business owners know how important it is to manage their cash flow, but they may be unsure exactly what this entails. Another common source of confusion among small business owners arises regarding the difference between cash and capital investments and figuring out how to manage both. The following information will help you determine how to best manage your small business’s capital and cash.
Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion
Smart tips to help clear up that stuffy nose

You've been up all night with a stuffy nose and you're looking for relief. The good news is that there are a number of home remedies that can help you breathe easier.
Must-Watch Midseason TV Premieres
Check out these much-anticipated programs

If you like watching really good TV, you're in for some special treats this year. Several upcoming midseason premieres promise some of the best entertainment for the small screen. Here are five of the most anticipated TV shows this midseason has to offer.
French Quarter, New Orleans
Take in all this historic neighborhood has to offer

A visit to New Orleans would not be complete without a day spent in the French Quarter. In fact, you could spend an entire vacation in the historic neighborhood.
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