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May 2014
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Keeping Your PC Secure Without Windows XP Support
What to do now that Windows XP is no longer supported
Photo: Keeping Your PC Secure Without Windows XP Support On April 8, Windows stopped providing bug fixes and security patches for critical vulnerabilities in the Windows XP operating system. With an estimated 20-30 percent of Internet-connected PCs running Windows XP, many people are questioning what this means, how it affects their computerís security and what they can do to ensure that they remain protected from security breaches and hackers.
Budget-Friendly Renovating Tips
Consider these tips for renovating ó without depleting your nest egg
Photo: Budget-Friendly Renovating Tips
Your bathroom tile is cracking, your kitchen cabinets are outdated and how great would it be to finally add a fireplace to your living room? So, whatís stopping you? More times than not, itís the high costs associated with renovations that leaves homeowners at a standstill.
Catching Up on Retirement Contributions
Are you over 50 and underfunded for retirement? Thereís still time with these tips
Photo: Catching Up on Retirement Contributions
Retirement is looming, but your accounts are anything but booming. Despair not ó even if youíre late in the game, there are some strategies that can help you pull off a retirement win. Taking care of debt, aggressive saving and making IRS-sanctioned catch-up contributions can give you a decent nest egg in just a decade.
Insurance Types Required for Business Owners with Employees
What employers need to know about providing insurance
Photo: Insurance Types Required for Business Owners with Employees
Insurance is a fact of life for all business owners. While all businesses benefit from general types of business insurance like liability insurance, there are certain types of insurance specifically for employers. So, if youíre an entrepreneur thinking of turning your one-man-show into a larger business, or if youíre starting a new business with employees, here is some information about the types of insurance you must provide.
10 Ideas for a Date Night In
Take these fun routes to a little romance

While many people enjoy going on a date to the theater or to a restaurant, this isn't always possible. Remember, however, that just as much fun and romance can be found at home. Here are 10 ideas for a date night in with your significant other.
Eco-Friendly Laundry
Save money in the laundry room

Laundry always seems to get a bad rap and is often listed as one of the least popular household chores. When it comes to environmental conservation, however, laundry is one of the areas where you may be able to save the most energy with a minimal amount of effort. A few simple changes in your laundry habits may have you looking at laundry in a whole new light.
Antibiotics: Proper Use and Cautions
Avoiding antibiotic overuse

Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, many common conditions like strep throat and ear infections were deadly. But with the advent of these drugs in the 1940s, bacterial infections, which were sometimes impossible for your immune system to fight off, became relatively easy to treat.
Montauk, New York
Pass the Hamptons and head straight to this beautiful seaside village

If you want to see and be seen, head to the Hamptons. For a more relaxed atmosphere, the small seaside village of Montauk, located on the easternmost point of Long Island, offers the same level of luxury and natural beauty.
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