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November 2014
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New Television Spots Highlight the Independent Spirit of the Pioneer Valley
PeoplesBank Independent Spirit of the Pioneer Valley PeoplesBank has just released two new television commercials highlighting the independent and innovative spirit of the Pioneer Valley. “Innovation and an independent spirit are alive in this region,” noted Douglas A. Bowen, President and CEO of PeoplesBank. “Those are values that very much underscore what we do here at PeoplesBank every day, so we thought that would be a great way to call attention to some of the best attributes of the Pioneer Valley and our organization [MORE].”
Paying Down Debt
Which loans should you pay down first?

Is there a right or wrong way to pay down your debt? The answer is not cut and dry; it depends on your financial and personal goals and objectives. There are two main theories about the order of which to pay off loans, and even more advice about those plans.
Penny Stocks 101
What everyone should know before investing in penny stocks

If youíre new to the world of investing and excited by the prospects of the stock market, you may be curious about penny stocks. Although the potential for profit can be very high, and therefore tempting, so is the potential for fraud. Here are some things you should know before you get involved in penny stocks.
The Advantages of Food Startups
Why entrepreneurs should consider food startups

If you have caught the entrepreneurial bug and want to start your own business, there are so many possibilities that it can be dizzying. If you will rely on investors to make your dream a reality, you should consider a food startup. Because investors have found them to be successful ventures in recent years, they may look more favorably upon entrepreneurs with a solid idea for a food startup than another type of business.
DIY Ways to Prep Your House for Winter
Do-it-yourself solutions for home repair come wintertime

As fall morphs into winter and temperatures increasingly drop, you may notice cooler weather inside your home as well. One reason: Things like cracks in window panes, poorly insulated water heaters and clogged air filters can mean your home is not acquiring its maximum energy efficiency.
Be Green by Wasting Less Food
Tips for saving food and saving money

If you are searching for new ways to be environmentally friendly, you may have noticed that many options, such as installing solar panels in your home, can require an initial expense that may be hard to manage before the cost savings add up to offset the expense. There are ways to help save the planet that donít cost anything and can even create instant money savings, however, and learning how to waste less food is one of the easiest and most rewarding.
5 Ways to Stick to an Exercise Routine
Motivation flagging? Use these tips to keep plugging away at your fitness plan

How many times have you penned a workout plan ó and then did not follow through with it? Youíre not alone. Even when you have the best intentions, motivation can ebb and flow every few days or weeks, according to a study published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology.
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