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January 2015
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The Convenience of Mobile Check Deposit
A new wave of banking
By now, youíve probably heard of the phenomenon of mobile banking, if you donít already use it on a daily basis. While it has only been around a number of years, 12 million people were utilizing mobile banking services in 2009 and had a projected reach of 45 million by 2014. And why not? With our banking information and services right at our fingertips, mobile banking allows us to manage our finances on the go, no matter where you are or time of day, and that kind of convenience is admirable to many.
Creating a Home Inventory for Insurance Purposes
Tips on how to best list what you own in case of a claim

A home inventory is the best way to make the insurance claims process more efficient in the case of theft, damage or loss. Creating a file thoroughly documenting what you own will make a settlement from your homeowners or renters insurance company come faster and much less stressfully. Furthermore, do you know if you even have enough coverage for everything within your dwelling? This list can help you avoid even further loss later. Here are a few steps and advice on how to make an accurate home inventory.
Tips for Becoming a Better Investor
What every investor needs to know

Whether youíre a wealthy investor and have been at it for years, or youíre an amateur just getting started, chances are you want to improve your investing skills to make more money. Itís true that investing is a risky business ó and every mistake can cost you a pretty penny. However, when keeping several lucrative tips in mind, investing the right way can potentially make you lots of money.
The Types of Insurance Your Small Business Needs
Determining which types of insurance your small business needs

If youíre starting a small business, you know how important insurance is. With the wide variety of different types of insurance available, however, it can be difficult to determine if you have comprehensive coverage. The following information provides a basic outline of the different categories of insurance that you will need to look into for your small business.
Go Green in 2015
Basic tips for eco-friendly beginners

If one of your New Yearís Resolutions was to take better care of the environment, there are many places from where you can start. How you eat, how you travel, how you shop and how you live in general can all impact the great planet on which we live. While that may all seem a bit overwhelming, the best tip for going green is to start small. Here are a few basic tips to become more eco-conscious.
Gadgets that Make Life Easier in the Kitchen
Simplify cooking with a number of neat tools

Donít you wish someone would invent something to make meal prep easier or help with a list of cooking tasks? Thereís good news: There really are inventions available ó ones that can make a huge difference when creating culinary masterpieces.
Sticking to Your New Yearís Resolution
Tips for making your New Yearís Resolution last

Itís a new year, and you probably have some exciting new resolutions to make it the best year yet. If youíve had resolutions in previous years that didnít last that long, donít get discouraged. There are many simple strategies you can use to help your resolutions last through the entire year.
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