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May 2015
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PeoplesOnline Banking Enhancements - NOW AVAILABLE !
The "new" PeoplesOnline has been unveiled to wide-spread appreciation of the new features and ease of use. Customers are impressed with the simplicity of the new design, and the ability to customize the look to suit their preferences. Also, new features like;
  • Debit card on/off  control - Increases your security! You will now have the ability to deactivate/reactivate your debit card through your online banking.
  • Pending transactions will be visible - Real time information about your transactions will allow you greater flexibility over the management of your accounts.
  • New Transfer Options - Along with the traditional transfer between your accounts, you now have additional no-cost transfer options that will allow greater flexibility:
    • Account to Account transfers - Send money directly from your account to any individual within PeoplesBank.
    • External funds transfers - Move money between your accounts at PeoplesBank and your accounts at another financial institution.
If you are a current PeoplesOnline customer, try the new features, if you have not signed up, now is a great time!

Teaching Checking Account Basics to Youngsters
When to start and what your child needs to know

The sooner children are taught the ins and outs of managing money, the more likely they are to use these financial skills throughout the course of their lifetime, and ultimately, have a savvy hand in saving. By teaching them at a young age about checking accounts, your kids are gaining knowledge on how to develop smart spending habits and good credit in the future.

Minimizing Taxes in Retirement
Can you have a nearly tax-free retirement?

Whether you are nearing retirement age, or are just beginning to save, you likely have taxes on your mind. Almost everyone is familiar with the fear of not having saved enough to retire on time or comfortably. It is even scarier to think that the precious money you do save will be depleted by taxes. This leads many people to question how they can reduce taxes in retirement.

Starting Your Own Business? What Items NOT to Skimp on
Donít hold back on these essential startup expenses

If youíre beginning your own startup, congrats! Thatís a big step in your professional life ó one that requires a lot of time and effort. The good news is, in the end, youíll finally have your own business. But getting there is a different story. Starting your own business means incurring a ton of expenses. And while you may want to forgo things like marketing or legalities, itís important to understand what items you should definitely be pursuing.

Green Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer
Relief from the heat can come in many forms

Operating an air conditioner is an $11 billion a year venture for Americans. Whatís more, those a/c units release about 100 million tons of carbon monoxide into the air annually ó two tons for each home using one, according to WebMD. You can, however, reduce your own carbon footprint while staying cooler this summer, and save some money on electricity costs while youíre at it.

Popular Paint Colors This Summer
Infuse an atmosphere of summer into your home

Spring is in the air, but many of us have already got summer on the brain. If your house is feeling a little dreary, and you want to get a head start on summer, freshen things up with a new paint color. Here are five great colors to consider.

Garage Sale Doís and Doníts
Consider these tips when hosting your next tag sale

Itís yard sale season! How does getting paid to have people take the items you donít want any more off your property sound?

Take a Relaxing Luxury Vacation to Newport
Stunning Rhode Island beaches, culinary innovations and luxurious accommodations await

Wondering where your next escape should be? If youíre looking for a place that houses tranquil beaches to relax on, luxury resorts to lay your head and relax, and five-star culinary restaurants with delights that tantalize your taste buds, then Newport, Rhode Island is your destination.

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