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June 2015
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EMV Credit Cards
Facts about the new trend in credit cards
If you’ve been looking into getting a new credit card lately, you may have heard the term EMV credit card and wondered what it meant. This new trend has been gaining popularity in the United States over the past few years, but it is already firmly established internationally. The following information can help you understand the basics of EMV credit cards and how they can benefit you.
Should You Forgo a Small Damage Claim?
Why it may be worth the sacrifice to pay for home damage out of pocket

A study by found that filing just one homeowner’s insurance claim boosts annual premiums by a national average of nine percent, up to 30-plus percent depending on your location. That noted, it’s not always worth it for you to file that claim. Below are some basic rules of thumb to gauge whether or not to file, shared by MarketWatch personal finance columnist Jennifer Waters.

Best Apps for Investing
For pros or beginners, the best ways to manage investing on the go

Thinking about becoming an investor, or want to make investing easier? There’s an app for that. There’s several, actually, and if used wisely, they can help anyone from big brokerages to small start-ups find success in their investing endeavors.

Startup Costs You Can Cut
Great ways to save when starting a business

Entrepreneurs quickly learn that they need to be masters of cost cutting to thrive, and even sometimes to just survive, when bills pile up and payments come in late. Here are some great ways that you can save money when starting a business:

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
Make someone else’s day — and yours!

They say kindness is contagious. The more nice things you do for others, the more that makes others prone to do the same. That said, what goes around comes around — performing random acts of kindness upon others can make you happier, too, over the long haul.

Green Summer Camps
Sign your kids up for ecological responsibility

Summer camps are great for both kids and their parents. Why not send them to a summer camp that does all that, as well as teaches them about eco-friendly living? Here are five great camps across North America that incorporate fun with teaching sustainable living.

Your Next Luxurious Getaway: York Harbor, Maine
If you’re looking for a serene and beautiful vacation, York Harbor is your destination

If your idea of the perfect luxurious escape consists of beaches, upscale lodging and excellent cuisine, then York Harbor, Maine is the perfect place to get away. Known for its classic elegance, charm and beautiful views, York Harbor has everything you need for the perfect luxury vacation.

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