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January 2016
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PeoplesBank Appoints Four New Mortgage Consultants
PeoplesBank has announced the appointments of Natalie Jimenez, John Peterson, Kathy Caputo and Victor Rodriguez, Sr. as Mortgage Consultants. As PeoplesBank Mortgage Consultants, they will have a variety of mortgage options to offer customers, including refinancing and special first-time homebuyersí programs. Ms. Jimenez, Mr. Peterson, Ms. Caputo and Mr. Rodriguez join Lisa Baltronis and Beverly Orloski on the PeoplesBank mortgage team. Learn more here.
How to Tackle Those Holiday Bills
Methods and tips for paying off debt fast

Itís January ó the holidays are over and all you have to show for it is some new socks, a bloated belly, and a hefty credit card bill from overspending on gifts. Donít let the big numbers on these financial statements rid you of your leftover holiday cheer. Make a plan for how you can pay these bills intelligently and quickly. Here are three ideas:

Tips for Getting Your First Mortgage
What to know when buying your first home

So you think youíre ready to take the plunge and purchase your first house. Congrats! Homeownership is a big, exciting step ó but getting your first mortgage can be quite complex, involving many steps. Thatís why itís important to prepare as best you can before shelling out the down payment.

Banking Tips for Entrepreneurs
Making the most of your relationship with your financial institution

There are many factors involved in being a successful entrepreneur, but undoubtedly, maintaining good relationships is one of the most essential. While all the relationships that you build as an entrepreneur are important, you should be sure to pay special attention to any that you foster with a financial institution.

Common Items You Didnít Know You Could Recycle
Reduce your carbon footprint in 2016 by recycling more than ever before

As the New Year begins, you may find among your list of resolutions the pledge to create less waste and recycle more. According to the EPA, American consumers created 250 million tons of waste in 2010 alone; astonishingly, more than one-third of that waste was material that could have been recycled or composted. The following five items are commonly considered trash destined for landfills, but they are absolutely recyclable.

Movie Releases to Look Forward to This Year
Take the kids to this yearís biggest family-friendly movie releases

Whether you attend local cinemas with family or by yourself, films have the ability to transport you to an entirely new and magical place. If you are interested in heading out to the movie theater with your family this year, here are five releases you do not want to miss.

What to Do Before Donating Blood
A few useful tips to help make the process go smoothly the first time out

Donating blood is a worthy cause that helps countless people around the world each year. January is National Blood Donor Month; if you have never donated before, thereís never been a better time to start than right now.

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