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March 2016
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Not Business as Usual
PeoplesBank was featured in a recent BusinessWest article that highlights the innovative Northampton branch and the bankís continuing effort to improve the customer experience. Read the full story here:

PeoplesBankís new Northampton branch models some of the latest innovations, from Ďgreení construction to two-way video in the drive-up lanes to iPad stations.

Retirement Planning in Your 20s
Five best practices to jump-starting your savings

When youíre in your 20s, you are worried more about starting your career than you are about what youíll do when your career is over. Still, itís important to put down some building blocks at this point to lay a solid foundation for your financial future. Here are five tips to get the ball rolling:

Financial Mistakes the Wealthy Avoid
Ten faults to avoid in the pursuit of being rich

Unless you are already rich, you donít understand what itís like to be rich. That said, you donít know the mental challenges that have been overcome and the sacrifices that have been made to get to that level of wealth. In the pursuit of becoming wealthy, you need changes in habits, mindset and corresponding attitude in order to avoid these 10 common mistakes.

Which Franchise Is Right for You?
Steps in helping choose your franchise

Looking to get into the franchising business? Whether youíre going through a career change or are just searching for a new opportunity in life, franchising could be for you. But how do you know what would work best for you?

Health Benefits of Chocolate
A piece of chocolate a day keeping the doctor away? It may not be as absurd as it sounds

When one imagines the kind of indulgences that quickly derail diets, chocolate is certainly one of the first things to come to mind. It may come as something of a surprise, however, to learn that there are actually a number of health benefits to eating chocolate.

How to Go Green in the Garden This Spring
Enjoy your favorite outdoor hobby without any environmental concerns

Gardening is a peaceful pastime that can create a beautiful habitat for local animals, but can also be difficult to maintain due to a variety of pests and natural dangers.

Movie Magic: 5 Things You Didnít Know About Pixar
Discover some of the magical secrets of your favorite animation studio

In the last 20 years, Pixar Animation Studios has become a household name.


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