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September 2016
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Reasons to Use Home Equity
Evaluating the reasons to tap into home equity
Building your equity over time as you pay back your mortgage can give you a feeling of success and excitement about the nearing prospect of owning your home outright. It also gives you the ability to access funds through a home equity line of credit or a home equity loan.
The Best Online Banking Is With Your Financial Institution
Why you shouldn’t switch to a financial institution that’s exclusively online

The convenience of banking online is undeniable and hard to overstate, but that doesn’t mean you should switch to a financial institution that’s exclusively online.

Popular Personal Finance Blogs to Check Out
Some of the best online places to read up on money issues

Anyone can write a blog, and anyone can give advice about money … but which personal finance blogs strike the best mix of both personality and credibility?

Money Saving Ways to Grow Your Small Business
Taking advantage of small business banking options to help grow your capital

As a business owner or manager, you’ve probably tried to save money wherever you can in the business without sacrificing the quality of your products or services. Fortunately, there are options and money-saving ways to help grow your small business without breaking the bank.

Natural Ways to Protect Yourself Against Ticks
Tips for fending off nature’s blood-sucking fiends

Exploring the great outdoors is a wonderful thing to do in the autumn, but it is a joy that brings with it the potential pain of ticks.

Plan a Vacation to Portland, Maine
What to do, where to stay and what to eat in Portland

Though it is the largest city in Maine, Portland is still a small city by most Americans’ standards. However, that relatively compact size is not a demerit, but rather a crucial component of the town’s charm.

Best Cars for Families
Getting there should be half the fun

If you need a vehicle for you and your family, here are some of the best options on the market:

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