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April 2016
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Navigating the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Process (FAFSA)
A guide to some of the most important FAFSA questions

The heavy burden of student loan debt that so many people in our country face is always in the news, so new students and their parents know exactly how important it is to minimize their costs. Obtaining financial aid is dependent upon filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which means there is a lot of pressure surrounding the task of filling it out correctly.

To-Do List for Getting Finances in Order
How to get financially organized

Do you often find you�re scatterbrained when it comes to keeping your finances in order? More important, do you spend more than you can afford? More than one-third of adults do, and an estimated 70 percent of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck. And that means it�s time to start really getting down to business about keeping more organized to avoid spending more than you should be spending.

How to Cut Your Insurance Bills
Ways to save money on premiums of different kinds

With the cost of living so high, everyone seems to have the same goal when it comes to insurance: Get the best possible coverage at the lowest possible price. Here are some general suggestions for lowering your insurance costs, followed by some specific examples for particular industries:

Risks of Bonds
Basic risks associated with investing in bonds

Bonds are commonly considered to be a very low-risk investment. Many people even consider them to be completely free of risk � but although they are much less risky than certain other investments, such as stocks, it is inaccurate to say they carry no risk at all. Here is what you need to know about the risks associated with bonds:

Personal Loans Versus Credit Cards
Advantages and drawbacks of each type of lending

Personal loans and credit cards, should they be used intelligently, can be great ways to finance your wants and needs. As personal finance author Greg McFarlane writes on, credit in general grants us temporary access to other people�s money, and for a time, it is a win-win for all parties.

What to Know About Paying Off Your Mortgage
How to prepare when your last mortgage payment is in sight

If the end of your last mortgage payment is on the horizon and complete home ownership is in your near future, it is time to celebrate. In addition to the rejoicing, there are certain tasks to stay on top of that can help the process go smoothly and quickly, so that your final payment is credited quickly and your mortgage lien is cleared.

Tips for Getting the Best Car Loan
Get the best loan possible

As with any big purchase, when purchasing a car you�ll want to make sure that you get the best deal possible, and that requires being smart about getting a car loan. Many people tend to overlook certain things during this process � they want to get in and out and on the road � but even a small oversight could cost you big bucks.

Making the Most of Your Online Banking Tools
Maximize what�s readily available to you

Online banking has completely revolutionized the way Americans do their banking, making the process simpler, faster, more convenient and more secure than ever. According to the Pew Research Center, 51 percent of American adults now bank online � and that number is growing every day.

What to Know About Social Security Survivors Benefits
What affects your benefits, who�s eligible and more

Social Security survivors benefits are not something many people enjoy talking about, but it�s still important to learn about them. Any loss of a family member can be devastating, not only emotionally but also financially. It can be comforting to know, however, that members of your family may be eligible for survivors benefits after your death.

Saving Versus Investing Over Time
Does one take precedence over the other?

It�s the age-old question to which everyone wants an answer: Is saving over time or investing your money more likely to make you the big bucks?

What to Do Before You Seek Funding
The importance of preparing prior to seeking funding for your small-business venture

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new startup idea or a business veteran looking to expand, seeking funds is an important step for all entrepreneurs. To ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, here are some important things to make sure you�ve taken care of before you seek funding.

Financial Tools for Small-Business Owners
Utilize these means to increase efficiency and your bottom line

While cutting costs and streamlining performance are essential for any small business, most startup owners don�t consider financial tools as the way to facilitate that.

Plan a Vacation to Charleston, South Carolina
Exploring the wonders of Port City

The oldest and arguably most charming city in The Palmetto State, Charleston was originally founded in 1670 as Charles Town, in honor of England�s King Charles II. At nearly 250 years of age, the city is rich with history, as well as sightseeing opportunities, delicious dining and, of course, southern hospitality.

Fun Earth Day Activities You Can Do With Your Kids
A few ideas for teaching your child important lessons on Earth Day

Earth Day is a great opportunity to make your child aware of their impact on the environment. To help encourage awareness, there are many fun and educational activities that you can share with kids of all ages. Here are a few suggestions to help teach your child the lessons of Earth Day.

Healthy Desserts That Won�t Ruin Your Diet
Indulge yourself without feeling guilty with these healthy treats

When you�re on a diet, you tend to restrict yourself to only healthy foods, leading you to cross desserts entirely off your list. However, being on a diet doesn�t mean eating dessert is totally out of the question. In fact, allowing a small daily indulgence can help curb any cravings you might have.

TV Spinoffs That Were Actually Successful
From �Frasier� to �Family Matters,� take a look at five of TV�s most successful spinoffs

At a television show�s peak, or at the end of its run, it is not uncommon for network officials and producers to create new shows based on familiar characters in an attempt to capitalize on their popularity. These spinoffs actually became some of the most popular shows in the history of television.

Vehicle Details: Perfect Summertime Vehicles
You�ll want to take the long road sitting behind the wheel in these

Driving during the summer is something people look forward to all year long. The warmer weather and longer days are reason enough to take an extra day off and spend some quality time enjoying all that nature has to offer. Here are a few vehicles that can help make your summer even more enjoyable.

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