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June 2016
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Do You Need Renters Insurance While in College?
Protect your belongings with renters insurance

If you or your child are currently attending college, it can be a good idea to look into purchasing renters insurance, which protects a person�s belongings in the unfortunate event of theft, fire, vandalism or water damage.

Basics of Credit Card Balance Transfers
What you need to know about consolidating debt

You see �zero percent interest� and your eyes light up � what could it hurt to consolidate the balances of your debt onto one credit account with zero percent interest? Seems perfect, right? Not always.

The Impact of Insurance Fraud
Its effects aren�t just monetary

Opportunities for fraud abound in the insurance industry. According to the FBI, more than 7,000 insurance companies collect over $1 trillion in premiums annually, making the fraud prospects large and their incentives even larger.

Roth IRA Investing Tips
Maximize your retirement savings with these Roth IRA strategies

When it comes to retirement savings, starting early and investing smartly can add up big time. So if you already have a Roth IRA, you can feel great about meeting that first goal. Now you can get technical with your investment strategies to maximize your return.

Should You Buy a Home if You Still Have Student Loans?
What to consider before adding a mortgage to your educational debt

Becoming a homeowner is a huge life step, especially on the financial front, and it should not be taken lightly.

Important Steps Before Buying a Home
Preparing for the home-buying process

So, you�re ready to buy a home. Home ownership is a major milestone in anyone�s life � but also one that involves lots of complexities and responsibilities.

Why Are Auto Loans Getting Longer?
The average new car loan recently reached a record high

If you�re in the market to buy a new car, you might have recently heard that the norm for auto loans is becoming longer than what used to be a typical five years.

The FBI Warns of Business Email Compromise
Business email scams involving wire transfer of funds

Business email compromise is a financial fraud scam that the FBI described in a story on Aug. 8, 2015. At that time, it was described as �more sophisticated than any similar scam the FBI has seen before and one � in its various forms � that has resulted in actual and attempted losses of more than a billion dollars to businesses worldwide.�

How to Make a Will for the First Time
Seven steps to designate your estate

It�s something you don�t want to think about, but it�s important that you do � what will happen to your assets, and more importantly, your children, should you pass away?

The Financial Accounts Everyone Should Have
Essential accounts no one should be without

It�s hard to speak for everyone in the world, but when it comes to banking, financial accounts are pretty universal � and beneficial. And while everyone�s different, there are a few main accounts you�ll likely want to have.

Short- and Long-term Business Loans
Choosing the right loan term for your business

If you think a loan from your financial institution could benefit your business, then you are likely wondering about the difference between short- and long-term loans.

What is Accrual Accounting?
Accrual accounting � a good choice for your business

When you start a business, you need to choose an accounting method for bookkeeping and for reporting your income and expenses to the IRS on your tax return. Two of the most popular ways to do this are the cash method and the accrual method.

Classic Movies to Get You Excited for Summer
Spend summer with the movie stars watching these Hollywood hits

Most kids don�t need any help getting excited for summer, that time of the year when the responsibilities of school give way to carefree days in the sun. But watching these classic movies will make everyone in the family�even parents�anxious for the lazy, hazy days of summer.

Natural Remedies to Help Prevent Migraines
Avoid the headache with these natural tips

Migraine headaches are capable of derailing a day altogether, debilitating its sufferers with symptoms that include severe photosensitivity, nausea and vomiting.

Get Creative with Leftover Fruits and Vegetables
A few ways to use those lingering fruits and vegetables

It�s a tale as old as vegetable crispers: you are in the midst of your weekly refrigerator clean out and you realize that you have some produce you forgot to use.

Plan a Vacation to Virginia Beach, Virginia
What to do, where to stay and what to eat in Virginia Beach

Located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is one of the top resort cities on the East Coast. With miles of beaches, hotels and restaurants along its oceanfront, there is plenty for visitors to do, eat and see when they vacation in the area known as �America�s First Region.�

Vehicles That Keep Their Value
These vehicles depreciate less than the rest

Automobiles are a huge part of our lives, but one of the biggest knocks on a new car is that in as little as three years it�s worth far less than you initially paid.

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