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August 2016
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Mistakes Parents Make Saving for Their Child�s Education
The mistakes made and how to avoid them

With the cost of higher education soaring, saving for your child�s college education is probably one of your biggest concerns.

6 Ways to Save Money on Your Road Trip
Saving on gasoline is just the start

Have you always wanted to see the Grand Canyon? Or maybe Yellowstone National Park? How about the Empire State Building? If that�s the case, it�s time to pack up the car and hit the road because the perfect time to take a road trip is now.

Spending Your FSA Funds
The best strategies for using your flexible spending account money

Now is an ideal time to take stock of your flexible spending account (FSA) by checking your balance and the deadline for spending it.

How to Invest Your 401(k)
Considerations for what funds to choose and how much to invest

For many people, deciding what funds to invest in and how much to contribute from their paycheck into their 401(k) plan can be confusing.

Which Loans Should You Pay Down First?
Philosophies for paying off your debt

Is there a right or wrong way to pay down your loans? The answer is not cut and dried; it depends on your financial and personal goals and objectives.

Should You Keep Renting?
How to determine when to stop renting and buy a home

If you are planning on moving in the near future, you are likely wondering about the comparative benefits of renting and buying.

Tips for Getting the Best Auto Loan
Doing your homework before walking into a dealership can help you save

You�ve decided to buy a car � whether new or used � and all you keep thinking about is how exciting it will be to drive home with a new toy. While car buying can be fun, doing your research before you walk into the dealership can help you save money. Consider these tips when planning your new purchase.

The Risks of Using Someone Else�s Wi-Fi
Protecting you and your money from hackers

The internet has made doing many things much easier. It provides instant gratification for shopping for that perfect outfit or new gadget, and banking and bill payment services are just a click away.

How Spouses Can Help Each Other�s Retirement Finances
Deciding how to invest your money as a couple now can greatly help you later

Given increasing life expectancies, you�ll need to prepare in order to have enough money to cover both health care and living expenses in your retirement years. If you�re married, you and your spouse can help each other save money for retirement.

The Secrets to Saving More Money
Knowing which accounts to use can help you save more

Today, there are many options for where to put your money.

The U.S. Small Business Administration Microloan Program
Helping small businesses find the funding they need

If your business needs a small short-term loan, then the U.S. Small Business Administration�s Microloan Program could be a great fit.

Impressing Bankers with Your Business Plan
Create a business plan that can help you get a loan

Lenders base their small-business loan decisions on many factors, and each lender can weight these factors differently. A good business plan is always one of a lender�s highest priorities when considering whether to offer a loan, so creating the most impressive plan should be a priority for all entrepreneurs.

School-Based Movies to Watch Before the New Semester
These classic films are back-to-school basics

It�s always hard to say goodbye to summer, but students of all ages can ease the pain of a new school year by enjoying classic films about education.

Plan a Vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusetts
What to do, where to stay and what to eat in Cape Cod

Separated from the Massachusetts mainland by a canal, Cape Cod is one of the premier vacation destinations in all of New England.

Go Green: Inventive Uses for Your Leftover Yard Trimmings
Recycle your yard trimmings with these creative ideas

There are few smells better than that of freshly mowed grass.

Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee
Coffee does far more than provide a quick jolt in a pinch

Coffee is a great pick-me-up first thing in the morning when you need energy the most, and it is a great tool to help push through the mid-day crash that might threaten to slow your productivity at the office.

Vehicle Details: Best Cars for Younger Drivers
You don�t have to settle

If you�re looking for a vehicle for younger drivers, there are plenty of excellent models that are not only affordable, but also among the best values in the entire automotive industry.

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