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October 2016
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FAFSA Changes
What to know about the new FAFSA schedule

The process for applying for financial aid has been changed, so if you are planning on filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) soon, here is some information you need to know.

Smart Financial Moves You Can Do Today
Get ahead of the financial game by planning for your future savings now

From planning and tracking spending to building your savings and credit score, it�s important to understand what you can do now to help with your future monetary needs.

Making Sure You Have Enough Home Insurance Coverage
Your policy might not cover what you think it does

If your home were destroyed, would your insurance policy cover all of the damage?

Don�t Make Snap Financial Decisions
The benefits of taking your time with financial decisions

If you are in charge of your own investments or if you are on the lookout for new financial opportunities and enjoy following along with the national or global financial markets, then you are likely to experience many occasions where a snap decision seems necessary.

Is a Private Loan Right for Financing Your Education?
The private sector is one option to pay for schooling

In its most recent study, the College Board found that the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2015-2016 school year for in-state public, out-of-state public and private institutions was nearly $22,000.

Deciding on the Ideal Down Payment for Your Home
Is the 20 percent rule really that important?

Word on the homebuyers� street is that you need to put 20 percent down in order to be approved for a mortgage. Nowadays, however, that is not always the case. There are instances in which your down payment can be much less than that, and you�ll still be approved. On the other side of the coin, there are also situations where more than a 20 percent down payment would be most beneficial.

How Autonomous Driving Will Change the Auto Industry
Autonomous vehicles will bring major changes across the mainstream auto industry

With autonomous driving technology already in use, experts predict it won�t be long until autonomous vehicles (AVs) are available to the mainstream, bringing with them significant changes to the auto industry.

How to Keep Track of Passwords Safely
Don�t leave your personal info vulnerable!

Passwords: You need them for nearly everything these days, and it seems like each website or account has its own unique specifications for their creation. And of course, it is strongly discouraged to use the same password for all sites. So how can you keep track of them all?

What to Discuss With Your Spouse About Retirement
Retirement planning starts with a discussion of your expectations of life together

Planning for retirement isn�t just about investing your money in different accounts; you and your spouse should have a conversation about how to strategically plan for your retirement needs.

Best Ways to Budget and Save More
Budgeting can be confusing if you don�t know where to start

Saving money and learning how to appropriately budget for spending are goals for most people. The best way to achieve these goals is to figure out your monthly net income and use that number to start your budget.

Financing Your Business With a Credit Card and a Loan
Create a customized financing solution for your business

Combining a business credit card with a loan can be a great move when you�re starting a business or looking for more funding to expand. Added flexibility, security and the ability to combine the two to create a customized financing portfolio are just some of the many reasons why.

Questions to Ask Your Business Lender
Your lender is a valuable source of information

When you are preparing to talk to your financial institution about funding your future or current small business, you will likely have many questions.

5 Easy Ways to Relieve Work Stress
Reduce the stress of your workday with these five simple tips

Whether you work in an office, at a restaurant or on a construction site, work is always one of the major causes of stress.

5 Scary Books to Read This October
Five terrifying tomes to explore just in time for Halloween

Halloween season is upon us, which means that you might suddenly feel compelled to put on a scary movie or spend an hour poking about in the dark at a haunted attraction. Here are five great books to choose if you want to satiate your appetite for frights this fall.

Composting 101: Your Green Guide to Recycling Your Kitchen Scraps
Go green by starting your own compost pile

Composting is a natural process that happens around the world. As organic matter decomposes, it becomes a soil-like material that is perfect to use in gardening.

Take a Trip to Jazzy New Orleans
How to live large in the Big Easy

Known for its rich cultural history, delicious French and Creole cuisine and fun-loving attitude, New Orleans is often referred to as the �most unique� city in the United States.

Best Vehicles for Camping
These vehicles can handle the trails

Camping with friends or family can be exciting, but if you don�t want to rent an RV every time you take to Mother Nature, here is a list of vehicles that you should consider.

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