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November 2016
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Legal Forms Your College Student Should Fill Out
Health documents your child should complete before starting school

At times it can seem like the road to college is paved with paperwork. In addition to the roommate questionnaires, room and board forms and other administrative paperwork, there are three other forms that should be taken care of before your child starts college, and they are probably not ones you�ve thought of before.

Budgeting Tips for Holiday Gift-Giving
The best ways to keep your personal finances in check this season

It�s no secret that the holiday season costs people a large chunk of money, what with all the spending on decorating, traveling, meal planning and more. One of the biggest sources of spending is gift-giving. The following are five tips for staying in budget:

Benefits of Getting Life Insurance While Young
Your life is valuable at any age�protect it!

No one wants to think about death, especially when they�re young. But there are plenty of reasons they may want to start thinking about it and how to take that first step toward financial protection.

Investing vs. Paying Off Debt
Deciding factors include your financial resources and goals

Some people will decide to pay off all their debts before ever investing money, while others will say it�s better to carry livable debt and be able to grow your savings over time. There are pros and cons to either option, depending on your financial situation.

Getting a Loan with Bad Credit
How you can still be approved

If you have poor or minimal credit, your chances of getting approved for an auto or personal loan aren�t necessarily poor or minimal too. Here is what you can do to increase your chances of loan approval:

The Features that Boost Home Sales & Values
A few ways to afford upgrades to boost your home value and final sale

Many homeowners consider renovations and upgrades to their home when looking to sell. There are several key upgrades to consider that will boost your home�s value, as well as several ways to finance these large purchases.

Understanding Lease Terminology
Motor vehicle financing terms to know before going to the dealership

Before stepping into a dealership to lease a car, it�s important to understand lease terminology to make sure you get the best deal possible and aren�t taken advantage of by a dealer.

How Online Banking Leads to Greater Awareness
Managing your accounts online helps with budgeting, spending and fraud prevention

Online banking, now accessible from any mobile device, helps people be more aware of their spending and bank account data. With online banking, it�s much easier to prevent and detect fraud, manage your budget and ensure bill payments are received by the correct institution.

Social Security Facts vs. Fiction
Myths surrounding Social Security

You�ve seen Social Security pop up on all your paychecks and in many financial guides and news articles over the years, but despite how familiar it may seem, very few people actually know its true history and projected future. Below is some information that can help you separate fact from fiction.

Interesting Facts about the Federal Reserve
How much do you know about the U.S. central bank?

According to the Federal Reserve System�s website, �the Fed��as it is often called�is the fiscal agent for the U.S. government, created by Congress to provide the nation with a more flexible yet more stable and therefore safer monetary and financial system.

Strategies for Growing Your Business
Financing business growth for future success

The feeling of accomplishment that one gets from the success of their own business is typically followed by the realization that success may necessitate pursuing larger goals and focusing on growth. This realization should lead to the formation of strategy with regards to acquiring the capital necessary to actualize those plans.

Profit Margin Basics
Understanding gross and net profit margins

Profit isn�t the only valuable metric for evaluating and predicting the current and future success of your business, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important concepts for entrepreneurs to master. Calculating your profit margins and keeping track of any changes can help you spot potential problems and fine-tune your operations throughout the year, which can make it easier to maximize your revenue.

Plan a Vacation to San Antonio, Texas
What to do, where to stay and what to eat in San Antonio

As one of the fastest growing large cities in the United States, there�s a palpable sense of excitement in San Antonio.

4 Steps to Take to Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes
Simple but effective measures that can help you avoid a diabetes diagnosis

November is National Diabetes Month, meaning it�s as good a time as ever to learn what preventative measures you can take to help reduce your risk of a future diagnosis.

4 Tips to Get Started on Your Novel
Get moving on writing the next National Book Award winner with these pointers

Writing a novel always seems like a great idea, but the process of writing those thick tomes can be extremely intimidating.

5 DIY Green Beauty Swaps
Make your beauty routine greener with these DIY hacks

Going green has many benefits, from a lower impact on the environment to a healthier impact on your wellbeing. Perhaps you�ve already ditched the chemical cleaners in favor of more natural options, but if you�re still using mainstream beauty products, you could be negatively affecting your health.

Vehicle Details: Best Family Cars for Traveling
Get ready for the holiday season

It�s nearly that time of year again when everyone packs into the family vehicle to head to wherever the holiday celebrations take them. Here are some vehicles that can help make your travels more enjoyable:

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