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Meet Laura Florez

If you step into the Commercial Loan Department at CNB Bank, you will likely get the chance to meet the lovely Laura Florez. Laura is a Vice President/Loans and has been working at CNB Bank for a year and three months.  Before becoming a loan officer at CNB Bank, Laura held the position of internal auditor.

Her job is to assist customers with commercial loans, as well as some personal loans.

"It can be real estate, business acquisition, aircraft, or anything commercial. I work to help businesses stay in business," Laura explained.

When asked how she chose her career path, Laura said, "I didn't. It chose me." She explained that originally, she was not looking for a career in banking, but in 1998 she started at a bank as a loan secretary when she was needing a job. She enjoyed it and continued her career in banking, eventually becoming a loan officer.

"It is the best job to have," said Laura, "every deal is different. If you like diversity, this is the place to be. There is never a dull moment."

Laura was asked if there was any advice that she would like to give customers. She said "The advice that I would give to a customer are practices that I try to follow myself. Three main points: 1. Collaborate with diverse and trustworthy partners. 2. Every interaction is a representation of your brand. 3. Be open to change and new ideas."

She said that the thing she enjoys most about her job is the people; she really enjoys helping others and she also enjoys the people that she works with.

Outside of work, Laura loves spending time with her family and friends, as well as quilting and scrapbooking. "It's important to capture the memories," she said.

If you are interested in a loan or have questions, feel free to contact Laura Florez at 575-234-2583 or

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