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Meet Veronica Hernandez
If you step into the Trust Department at Carlsbad National Bank, Veronica Hernandez is one of the smiling faces that you might see. Veronica is the Assistant Vice President Trust Investment Officer. Veronica has been at the bank for four years and her primary role is to keep portfolios fully invested for the benefit of her clients.

Veronica said that she chose this career path because she wanted to be active in helping others, “It was an opportunity to be a part of a team that serves very directly for the good of a client.” She enjoys playing a part in planning a path to help people reach their financial goals whether that is someone in their retirement years or someone planning for the future of their children or grandchildren. “The love of a parent looking forward to plan for their child’s future is so touching and quite an honor to be a part of,” said Veronica.

Veronica is also a mom to a thirteen-year-old daughter. “Most of my time is filled getting her to activities, watching her practice her passions, and encouraging her success in the classroom,” she explained. Veronica serves the community by being a Rotarian, a chamber Ambassador, and an active member at her church.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Trust Department, feel free to contact Veronica Hernandez.
Community Giving- October

In the month of October, CNB contributed to the following causes:

Carlsbad Winter Wine Festival
St. Edward's School
Cavemen Baseball
Boo In the Zoo- The Living Desert
Carlsbad Heights Lions

If you would like CNB to donate to your organization or cause, please go to and fill out a Donation Request Form.

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