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Meet Jaclyn Fierro
You might have the pleasure of meeting Jaclyn Fierro if you step into the Commercial Loan Department at CNB Bank. Jaclyn is an Assistant Vice President / Loans and has been working at CNB Bank for almost four months. She works with consumer and commercial lending. When asked what a typical day looks like, Jaclyn explained, "I'm busy taking applications, getting deals ready, and meeting with customers." She began working in this industry fourteen years ago.

Jaclyn explained that she chose her career path because she really enjoyed learning about small businesses and their stories, "I like being there to help businesses through their whole life cycle, through the ups and downs." She said the thing she likes most about her job is simply getting to know her customers.

When asked what advice she would give customers or potential customers, Jaclyn said, "For business owners who don't know where to get started, don't be afraid to ask for help with small business or any business needs."

Outside of work, Jaclyn enjoys CrossFit, being active in her church and giving back to the community through volunteering.

If you are interested in a loan or have questions, feel free to contact Jaclyn Fierro at 575-234-2527 or

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