August 2015
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Scuola Vita Nuova’s Back to School event
cb Staff Serves Tropicana Treats
by Sarah Cousineau

Throughout the evening, the children met their teachers and were able to visit their classrooms. Families enjoyed the refreshments and also engaged in fun activities and raffles. Anna Reynolds, Veronica Lopez, Marianne Canzonere and Cheryl Johnson all donated their time on a Saturday night to serve the families Tropicana’s treats. All had a great time and loved seeing such happy faces—who doesn’t love ice cream!

The rich history behind Scuola Vita Nuova dates back to 1908. The following information was found on the school’s website. In 1908, the Italian Mission was created in Kansas City to provide support to the increasing numbers of Italian immigrants entering the city.  There were needs for medical and child care, English lessons, youth activities, and education.  In 1918, Dr. John Bisceglia arrived in Kansas City to assess the Mission in its work.  He built the existing Northeast Community Center in 1940 at 544 Wabash, followed by the Christ Presbyterian Church in 1950.  These organizations worked in affiliation with each other to provide for the needs of the neighbors of the community.  Following the Dr. Bisceglia's death, his son-in-law, Judge Charles Shangler revived the campus and provided many cultural exchanges and opportunities for the changing multicultural neighborhood.  

In 1999, Judge Shangler applied for and received permission to open a charter school on the campus, beginning with 4 grades. It was called Scuola Vita Nuova, "School of New Life".  He saw it as a way to continue his father-in-law's good works in the Northeast Neighborhood.  His desire was to provide local families with educational opportunities that included exposure to the arts. He enhanced the campus buildings with historical and cultural beauty.  In 2004, with Judge Shangler's support, Scuola Vita Nuova expanded to include a middle school.  Currently SVN serves Kindergarten through 8th grades. 

Central Bank has partnered with the school on other activities, including presenting Junior Achievement lessons in a 3rd grade classroom in 2014. Last April, we visited a 5th grade class to present a Teach Children to Save lesson, as well as donated books for their classroom. Each child received a new book, and the classroom added 10 more books to its library. Central Bank loves supporting our local schools in many different ways.  

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