September 2018
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Aging Mastery Program
at Don Bosco Senior Center

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) created the Aging Mastery Program® (AMP) to develop new expectations, norms, and pathways for people aged 50 to 100, to make the most of their gift of longevity. AMP helps older adults and boomers build their own playbook for aging well. It is a fun, innovative, and person-centered education program that empowers participants to embrace their gift of longevity by spending more time each day doing things that are good for themselves and for others.

Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) has organized this initiative and currently has over a dozen locations in the KC area that are delivering this comprehensive education for our seniors. The 10-session program combines goal-setting, daily practices, and peer support to help participants make meaningful changes in their lives. Central to the AMP philosophy is the belief that modest lifestyle changes can produce big results and that people can be empowered to cultivate health and longevity.

The ten sessions include:

  1.     Navigating Longer Lives: The Basics of Aging Mastery
  2.     Exercise and You
  3.     Sleep
  4.     Healthy Eating and Hydration
  5.     Financial Fitness
  6.     Advance Planning
  7.     Healthy Relationships
  8.     Medication Management
  9.     Falls Prevention
  10.     Community Engagement

Denise Barrett is the Activities Coordinator at Don Bosco Senior Center and she asked Sarah Cousineau from Central Bank to teach the Financial Fitness session. Central Bank of KC loves visiting Don Bosco Senior Center and talking about Financial Fitness with them. We’re also planning a credit session there soon, to help seniors learn about credit report and scores.

(Information from this article was obtained from the MARC and NCOA websites)

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