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$core Your Goals
Money Smart Month KC Presents Soccer Challenge 2013
by Sarah Cousineau

Bring your family Saturday, April 6th for the kickoff of Money Smart Month KC at Sporting Park for a fun soccer event. Play with Sporting KC Players in a soccer clinic for youth. Enjoy other family games and activities like a CASH Machine, arts and crafts, online financial soccer, and Andres Gutierrez with money-saving tips. 
Register for this free event at Go to the Money Smart Month KC website for more information. Also check out all of the free events throughout the month of April. You can pick up a printed calendar of events at any Central Bank branch or your local library. 
Read on for more event details. 


Are You Money Smart?
Money Smart Month KC Offers Dozens of Free Events
by Sarah Cousineau

Do you know your credit score? Do you have a budget? Are you saving for your goals?  Are you Money Smart?  Being smart with your money isn’t always easy. Finding better ways to spend, save, and borrow money is extremely important. Get Money Smart in April by attending one of dozens of free public events during the 6th Annual Money Smart Month of Greater Kansas City. 

Six Ways to Invest $1,000
Putting $1,000 to good use could pay off in the long run
Photo: Six Ways to Invest $1,000
If you recently earned a raise at work, are deciding to cut down on expenses or even came into some unexpected money, then you may have a decision to make: where should you invest that extra cash? This isnít always an easy choice to make, but thinking of it in small increments can help.

Planning Ahead for Assisted Living
Set plans in place now to avoid questions in the future
Photo: Planning Ahead for Assisted Living
If you have found yourself asking when the right time to plan for assisted living is, the answer is now. Even if the thought hasnít crossed your mind, if you or a family member is getting close to retirement age, it is important to have a plan in place for the future. This plan will not only ensure that you or your loved one receives the care they need, but it will also help address any concerns ahead of time and lay out your expectations prior to choosing an assisted living facility.
Nuts for a Healthy Diet
The five most nut-ricious nuts for your diet

If youíre looking for a nut thatís also a nutritional powerhouse, donít let those popular peanuts fool you ó theyíre not nuts, but legumes. Instead, consider cracking open these five protein-rich tree nuts to nosh your way to a healthier you.

How Americans Spend Money
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data reveals trends as well as income-level differences
Photo: How Americans Spend Money
Having been through a recession and several economic highs and lows in the midst of a slow recovery in recent years, Americansí spending habits have gone through some changes, with notable shifts in food and health care spending. Moreover, there are differences between how individuals from low- and high-income brackets have spent money, while statistics comparing spending in 2011 to spending in 1949 reveal significant changes in American lifestyles in the last 60-plus years.
Is Your Business Saving Enough?
Thoughts on allocating a sufficient portion of your businessís budget to savings
Photo: Is Your Business Saving Enough?
When you are running a new business, many or all of the financial decisions rest on your shoulders. The ramifications of these decisions and the amount of time they consume can create a high-pressure situation. Planning for the financial future of your business is important, and savings are a key component of this planning. Having sufficient funds in savings can give you the peace of mind needed to successfully oversee the other aspects of running your business.
Published by Central Bank of Kansas City
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