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April 2013
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Teach Kids to Save
Central Bank presents to area schools fun savings lessons
by Sarah Cousineau

Central Bank partnered with area schools and the Federal Reserve Bank to celebrate Teach Children To Save (TCTS) Day with savings education in April. Sarah Cousineau, along with Samerra Ortiz, Harold Byes, and Stephan Raddatz all helped present TCTS presentations to 3 classes of kindergarteners at Academia de Ninos, a class of 1st and 2nd graders at Wendell-Phillips Elementary School, and a class of 3rd graders at Rushton Elementary School. More than 100 local youths explored savings by listening to a story about families who saved their money, and participated in a hands-on activity that promoted savings.  Click here for great tips on how to raise money-smart kids. 


Housing Grants Breathe New Life into Urban Kansas City
Central Bank sponsors the grant for KC Rescue Mission
by Sarah Cousineau

Paint is peeling. The roof is in bad shape. The windows are drafty. For 30 Kansas City homeowners and the residents of the Kansas City Rescue Mission Menís Center, this situation will soon only be a memory. This month Congressman Emanuel Cleaver announced two housing projects will benefit from $600,000 in grants from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines Affordable Housing Program. Central Bank is proud to be a part of the grant supporting the KC Rescue Mission.
Calcium: Are You Getting Enough?
Protect your bone health by ensuring the right daily dose

Calcium is an important mineral that your body uses not only to build strong bones, but to keep your muscles and nerves working and your heart pumping, according to the Mayo Clinic. Are you getting enough?

Sports Films That Will Inspire You
Not-to-miss uplifting classics

Some sports films are for everyone. From men to women to kids of all ages, there is something inspiring to be found in many sports movies. Whether it is a story of an underdog or the true-life story of a favorite team, sports films are often not about athletics ó they are often joyful and positive parables about life.
Emergency Funds
Tips on knowing where to start and when to spend
Photo: Emergency Funds
In todayís unsteady economy, it is extremely important to have an emergency fund established. Having funds set aside can make a substantial difference in the case of events such as losing a job, dealing with unexpected medical issues, or paying for repairs to your home or car.

Pretend Retirement
How rehearsing your retirement can help plan for the future
Photo: Pretend Retirement
When the topic of retirement comes up, you may find yourself asking more questions than you have answers for. Will you have enough money when you retire? How much can you afford to invest? How will retirement affect your relationship with your spouse and your family? One solution that has recently started becoming more common is rehearsing your retirement. This can be a fun way to find the information you need without making any long-term commitments.
Registering Your Small Business with State Agencies
What you need to know about registering your businessís name and type
Photo: Registering Your Small Business with State Agencies
If you are restructuring or renaming your business or are breaking into the world of small-business ownership for the first time, it is important to carefully complete all applicable registration steps with your state. Depending on your businessís makeup and location, this procedure may comprise many steps or none at all. Fortunately, online tools and information put in place by your state government add a significant level of convenience to the process and will help you determine which steps are necessary.
Published by Central Bank of Kansas City
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