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June 2013
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Money Smart Workshop
by Sarah Cousineau

Do you have questions on how to manage your personal finances?  Do know how to manage your debt?  How often should you check your credit report?  Are you interested in learning how to improve your credit score? 


How to Improve Your Credit Score
Simple changes can have a big impact

According to Forbes contributor Ashlea Ebeling, new data that came out in May shows that credit scores are highly malleable. “For consumers with FICO scores of 750-799 in October 2011, a year later, 21% of them had moved into the 800-850 score range (850 is the top FICO score); 58% stayed in the same range; and 21% moved to a lower score range,” said Ebeling.

Tipping 101
A helpful guide to the common practice of tipping
Photo: Tipping 101
Although gratuity is not required in the United States, the age-old question still exists: “How much do I tip?” Food servers, exterminators, valet parking personnel, postal carriers … the list is never-ending.
Five Ways to Decrease Costs
Companies can help their bottom line with these suggestions
Photo: Five Ways to Decrease Costs
While businesses are obviously best served by steady income from high-volume sales and long-term customers, cutting costs certainly doesn’t hurt one’s bottom line either. With that in mind, here are a few helpful hints for reducing unnecessary spending, ranging from those you’ve never thought of to those you once implemented but have since forgotten about.
Features That Affect Vehicle Resale Value
Improve decision making at the dealership by considering long-term implications
Photo: Features That Affect Vehicle Resale Value
Should you choose a red or silver exterior? How about choosing between a manual or automatic transmission? Or how about choosing between four-wheel, rear-wheel or front-wheel drive? The features and options available for new cars are many, but one way to make decisions is to consider how they will affect the resale value of a vehicle down the road. With that in mind, here are a few tips to consider when you head to the dealership for a new vehicle.
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