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October 2013
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ID Shield Event
Free Shred this Friday, November 1st
by Sarah Cousineau

Don’t miss our great event this Friday, November 1st.  Did you know that there are 12.6 million victims of identity fraud in the United States last year, which equates to 1 victim every 3 seconds? 

Maintaining vigilance over personal information can prevent identity theft, and regularly checking for activity in your credit file will make it easier to stop the damage faster if you do fall victim to this crime.  Learn tips on preventing ID theft, bring sensitive documents to shred, access your credit report, and bring the kids to trick or treat.  There will be lots of fun and informative activities for our customers and the community, including:
  • Free Shred from 10am-1pm (limit 5 small to medium size boxes)
  • Free Credit Reports from 10am-3pm
  • Prize Wheel
  • Kid’s trick or treat

Credit Scores and Loans
The relationship between your credit score and the loan you need
Photo: Credit Scores and Loans
If you’re interested in applying for a loan in the near future, you may be wondering about the relationship between credit scores and loans. Not only does your credit score impact the type of loan you can receive, loans also affect your credit score. The following information will help you understand more about the ways that loans and credit scores impact each other.

When to Access Social Security Benefits
Could delaying your benefits be right for you?
Photo: When to Access Social Security Benefits
As the years continue to pass, you may find yourself thinking more and more about retirement. One factor that plays a significant role in your retirement is your social security benefits. Many people are debating whether to take their Social Security as soon as they’re eligible or wait a little longer. It’s a question that has no right answer, but here are some tips to consider to help make the right decision for you.
Effective Business Planning
Strategic business planning is crucial to success, especially when done right
Photo: Effective Business Planning
Business planning is crucial to a company’s success, especially when the process is undertaken strategically. Effective business planning, and the written business plans that result from it, begin with considering the important questions about one’s company and one’s industry and continue with conservative budgeting, brutal honesty, straightforward language, visual creativity and the strategic input of professionals.
Central Bank Helps Homeowner
Christmas in October 2013
by Sarah Cousineau

For years, Central Bank of Kansas City has adopted a house to rehabilitate through Christmas in October. On Saturday, October 5th, a team of Central Bank employees helped Buford and Shirley Logan - residents of the Northeast and friends of Central Bank.
Five Surprising Automobile Values
These vehicles make for great investments, not to mention great rides
Photo: Five Surprising Automobile Values
Midsize SUVs aren’t the first category one might look at for value, but the 2013 RX450h – the “h” stands for hybrid – starts at an MSRP of $46,310 but made the US News and World Report’s Best Cars for the Money list because of its “outstanding fuel economy in a luxurious package” and “some of the best reliability ratings in its class.”

A Lifetime on Screen: Actors and Actresses with Long Careers
Favorite performers who stand the test of time

Some of our favorite actors and actresses are not the fly-by-night types that capture the spotlight for an intense but brief burst of fame. They are the ones who've stood the test of time with quality performances over many years. Here are a few examples of favorite actors who can boast of a lifetime of work on the big screen.
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