Mardi Gras Party, Best Times to Buy a Car and More
February 2014
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Making an Impact
by Sarah Cousineau
Looking to increase your income and decrease expenses?  Build credit?  Acquire assets?  Revamp your resume?   Help with a job search?  The Prosperity Center for Financial Opportunity, located at 5151 Troost Avenue (Suite 100) is there to help you accomplish your financial and career goals.
The Prosperity Center provides employment services, financial counseling and coaching, and income supports access to adults living in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. The model focuses on improving the financial bottom line for low- to moderate-income families, helping to change their financial behavior in a way that encourages a long-term commitment to building a bright financial future...
Best Times to Buy a Car
Wondering if thereís a good time to scope out the best car deal?
Photo: Best Times to Buy a Car
Looking to buy a new car? It pays to be patient ó literally. Waiting until certain times of the year to buy a car can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on your purchase. So at just what time are you supposed to make the big decision? Try to wait until these opportunities:

Spotting Financial Fraud
Donít be a victim of a financial scheme
Photo: Spotting Financial Fraud
Each year, Americans lose an estimated $50 billion to financial fraud schemes. The most likely to be victimized are well-educated, financial-savvy males, age 55 and older. Thatís why itís important to be able to detect financial fraud.
Strategic Alliances that Can Help Your Small Business
Learn how partnering with other businesses can ease pressures and increase profits
Photo: Strategic Alliances that Can Help Your Small Business
Reaching your customers, negotiating better deals with suppliers, reducing expenses by sharing resources ó strategic alliances can be a big boon to business. They arenít just for large corporations either. Small businesses and even ďsolopreneursĒ can benefit from the right alliances, as well.
Beads, Beans and Beer is Back!
Mardi Gras Party in Old Northeast
by Sarah Cousineau

What do beads, beans and beer have in common?  All these things will be available at the NE Chamber’s annual Fat Tuesday party on Tuesday, March 4th at the Don Bosco Center at 588 Campbell, KCMO.
  • Beads, Beans and Beer
  • Live Jazz Music by Waldo Jazz Collective
  • Mardi Gras King and Queen Costume Contest
  • Silent and Live Auction
  • Door prizes

Do You Have Good Health Insurance?
Questions to ask about insurance plans
Photo: Do You Have Good Health Insurance?
Making any big purchase involves compromise between wants and needs, quality and costs. Health insurance is no different. Although health coverage is not something that you likely want to skimp on, it can consume a large chunk of each paycheck, so you also want to be sure to get a good deal and not pay for more than you need. Use the following questions to help determine if a plan is right for you.
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